Anxiety Disorders

We are living in this 21st Century and let us be lest assured that the current position of the world economy might very well be giving a lot to think for to many people! This is a time when there is literally an anxiety about everything that unfolds in the word. Let us just discuss Anxiety on a basic level today! Well, Anxiety is a state of the human mind when there is a sudden overflow of emotion to such an extent that it disturbs the normal flow of your daily routine. This affects your personal life, your professional life and a hell lot of other things. Just to state in one line, anxiety can also be referred to as a state of mental illness!


The Different Types of Anxiety disorders

1. Panic Disorder : This is something that happens to a human in case of a situation when there is a hell lot of trouble going on and suddenly you end up in more trouble. In such cases, people actually forget the pattern of their lives. Everything gets disturbed and he or she cannot resolve the thoughts to come out of the situation.

2. Social Disorder : This trouble is mostly common in people who lack a bit of self – confidence. This is also an effect of people doing something to somebody else’s confidence down. The person starts feeling low and finds it difficult to be socializing with the world. This further leads to depression and other mental illnesses!

3. After Trauma Anxiety : More often than not, we will find people in a state of shock when they have just suffered a loss or a shock in some respect! Such events can actually lead up to some serious sort of trouble for the humans and as a result, people might stop themselves from expression completely.

4. Phobic Anxiety: Most of us fear something. Ok, it might not just be a phobia but it can very well be just a fear of something that installs a sense of disbelief in you. This is much worse in case of people who are specifically in fear with some things! You just tend to lose all your senses when such an anxiety attack comes.