Anxiety Disorders (Continued): The Causes


We all know what Anxiety is and thus it must be clear to you that Anxiety can really be very troublesome and add an extra baggage of trouble to your cart! I would like to describe Anxiety for you again! Anxiety is a state of Mental Condition that is caused due to some kind of stress, some phobia and some trauma or as the result of some drugs. Anxiety can be caused for any of the above – mentioned reasons! Well, with the type of Anxiety at our back, we must look to concentrate on the things that can lead to anxiety. Anxiety is something that is not directly controlled by the humans and thus is is extremely important to diagnose the main source of anxiety in order to treat it!

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The Common Causes of Anxiety Includes:

1. Panic: A sudden state of Panic where you seem to lose all your control is one of the major causes of anxiety due to Panic. This is more common in case of sudden losses and failure.

2. Phobia: One can get into a phase of anxiety in case that person is not well accustomed to the phobia that he or she has. In case of person fearful of heights, he might suffer from anxiety while traveling on a plane. Such issues are also one of the most common issues related to Anxiety disorders.

Other Relative Causes Include:

1. Work Stress

2. Social Tension

3. Tension at school.

4. Post Trauma Stress.

5. Some Medical Illness!

More often than not, we will find doctors finding it difficult to diagnose the real cause of the Anxiety attack. This is because of the fact that all these causes result in the same symptoms and thus making it difficult to get hold of the responsible one!

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