Cold sores have no known cure just like a typical cold. Nevertheless, you can make some fundamental lifestyle changes in your life as means of eliminating cord sores in your life. But what are cold sores? They are small blister like pimples that form on the lips mainly caused by the herpes virus. The sores are highly contagious and can be passed by direct body contact or getting touch with infected saliva. It is important to note the virus can be dormant in your body for some time, and it is often triggered by cold weather or stress. The blisters can clear up within ten days without treatment, but you can prevent them from observing the following seven lifestyle changes.

Observing Proper Diet

The first step on this is avoided checking on foods that often cause an outbreak of the cold. Some people will get cold sores on taking certain foods excessively, and you ought to act on such observations. For instance, some people get the sores on choosing foods rich in acidic acids such as raw tomato, oranges, and fresh grape juice. Besides, avoid taking excess salt as it often associated with the cold sore outbreak.

Taking a balanced diet rich in vitamins and nutrients will boost your immune system. You can choose to take multivitamin pills to raise your nutrient levels and incorporate lots of vegetables and fruits into your diet.

Keeping your body hydrated is yet another way of keeping cold sores away. Take warm water in the morning and evening to keep your body warm and hydrated. Enough water in your body keeps your body healthy and prevents an outbreak or deterioration of cold sores.

Walking away from stressful events will help your body prevent an outbreak. Research indicates stress is a critical ingredient in worsening cold sores, and you ought to walk away from stressful times in your life.

Take Preventive Measures

One way of stopping the spread of cold sores is washing your hands frequently to prevent bacterial infection or stop their spreading. Wash your hands with clean, warm water and soap whenever you visit the washroom and before taking your meals.

Avoiding direct skin contact with people is another way of keeping your body safe from cold sores. Since cold sores are caused by a virus, it is highly infectious and reducing your contact with people helps reduce the risk. Avoid kisses and pecks as you can get it from someone who’s having the virus in its dormant stage. Additionally, avoid sexual activity when there is an outbreak of the disease to prevent further infection.

Avoid sharing of personal items. Make a deliberate decision of not sharing drinking glasses, towels, and toothbrushes among other personal effect items. Do not share such items with your spouse or any other person to prevent spreading an outbreak of the disease. Besides, destroy your toothbrush before throwing it away, as you risk spreading the disease. Finally, change your toothbrush after an eruption.

Wax Your Nose Area

Wax your nose with ear wax as it contains cerumen which helps your body fight herpes virus. All you need to do on this is just smear some wax on that legion to get rid of cold sores.

Love your interactions with licorice. When you know the root of evil, it is only proper to get rid of it from the source, and nothing does it better than licorice. The origin comes with some anti-viral elements that will work on the cold sores with ease.

Treating Cold Sores by Use of Natural Remedies

When you realize you have it, consider the following natural remedies as a lifestyle change from over-dependence on medication.

Rubbing the infected area with a cube of ice is quite helpful as it helps minimize the inflammation. Just hold the ice cube in the affected area for a few areas two or three times a day.

Using tea tree oil is quite helpful as the cold sore goes within two days of use. There is no particular way of using the salve, just apply it to the affected area three times a day, and you can opt to mix it with petroleum jelly to make it last longer.

A few drops of vanilla, natural extract to help cure the sores. Just apply the excerpt on the cold sores in the morning and evening before you sleep to eliminate cold sore with lots of ease.

Press green tea bag on the cold sore. Green tea contains some antioxidant elements that can soothe cold sores and fasten the healing process. Place a tea bag in hot water, then press it against the cold sores for 10 minutes to give your sores a healing experience.

Lysine Tablets. Lysine is rich in amino acid which is used to shorten the healing process of the cold sore outbreak. You can get lysine from a drug store near you and take one tablet a day when suffering from cold sores.

Besides, you can take the tablets with foods such as eggs and potatoes, and you will get the same results. However, it is essential you check with your doctor on your cholesterol levels, and heart disease as lysine can raise your levels of triglyceride levels and cholesterol.

Toothpaste Application on The Cold Sores

If you are suffering from cold sores, apply toothpaste on the affected areas to eliminate cold sores from the roots. Also, you can mix it with baking soda for better results. Toothpaste helps in drying the blisters shortening the healing process.

Take and Apply Milk

Milk is known for its rich source of calcium. However, it contains proteins rich in antibodies that keep the virus at bay. A generous application of cold milk on the blisters helps flatten them within two days, while continued consumption boosts your body immune system. There is no formula for applying milk to the cold sores, just soak a cotton pad in the milk and apply. Also, you can apply Vaseline on the affected area after application to keep the milk goodness intact.

Author: Angina Berryz

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