Gaining weight is as equally important as losing weight among the individuals. The 50% searches are on how to lose weight while the rest are browsing on how to gain weight! Both the processes will not happen in one night and it takes a lot of time as both are related to weight. Why does one want to gain weight first of all? There can be two aspects: one is an ambition or having a look at the body by building the abs through ab workouts and the second is to remain fit for a healthy and long life.

However, the article highlights the second point and you may build the abs starting with the second. Anyhow, gaining weight can happen in two ways – either by having weight gain foods or basic home workouts.

High-calorie foods or high-calorie diet is the most considered if one’s goal is to gain weight. Again never consider only eating foods will result in gaining weight, a schedule for workouts must be designed.

“A Lovely Blessing is Having a Body and It’s a Bliss If our Action Steps are to Maintain Healthy Life.”

Let me answer your question on how to gain weight through foods first and later, the point elevates on sweating the body (exercises or workouts).

Nutty Snack Bite

Densely rich and anyone can have them according to their convenience. Just a grab or an ounce of nutty snack, walnuts especially, gives 175 calories, hazelnuts dope the body with 178 calories, and peanut butter distributes 188 calories in the body. The handful nuts may become inefficient if they are refrigerated.

Having nuts at the snack times or when you feel like having something why not have nuts as these are the best foods to gain weight. Also, you can have a mix of nuts with dry fruits so that it impacts the body’s weight to some more extent.

Bagel in Breakfast

Considering the 100 grams of Bagel bread or bagels, it caters 250 calories to the body. Bagel is a wheat-made bread and is a traditional bread of Poland. The whole grain foods would contribute to the weight and gives a perfect answer to on how to gain weight. Further, Bagel cuts the risk of cardiac regulation or improper function and type-2 diabetes symptoms. Having a Bagel before you go to the office meeting or beginning the day with daily tasks may boost the neurons in the brain keeping you active during the day.

Dry fruit-diet is a Dense Calorie Food

Dry fruits give a nice nourishment to the inner body and calorie content id more than 250 calories according to the dry fruit chosen. So if your confusion is what to eat to gain weight, then you can go with the dry fruit diet. Dry fruits such as apricots, grapes, raisins, could probably turn the body healthy.

Healthy Fats Help Gaining Weight

However, per gram fat, you will find 9 calories. So naturally available fat through the foods will also contribute to weight gaining. Olive oil, canola oil, and avocados are few best foods to gain weight. Plant-derived oils have healthy fat concentrations and these will increase the body’s weight.

Nutrient Content is a Weight Gain Formula

In simple words, just have high-calorie foods to gain weight quickly. High sugary foods may impact the weight. Also, include low-calorie foods once a week or daily if possible, along with weight gain foods.

However, foods will answer the question how to gain weight to 50% whereas the remaining 50% is through workouts. It’s your choice whether to go to a gym or to have basic workouts at home. Now let us read how do exercises contribute to gain weight!

Exercises are Flamethrowers to Increase Blazing Weight:

Doctors recommend the exercises to lose weight and they also suggest exercises to gain weight as these are the best weight gain tips. Outdoor or indoor doesn’t matter, in order to burn the inorganic or unwanted fat, these exercises are needed which makes you fit and healthy.

Lift the Weights

Don’t take this in a conventional way by lifting heavy weights at home. Under the guidance, start doing dumbbells slowly starting with lower weights and then increase the weights as you proceed further along with diet. Using these dumbbells by Sitting, standing, and position would benefit in multiple ways of muscle building and are free weight workouts to build the body.

Strengthen the Centre or Core Muscles

Spine, abdomen, hips, and shoulders will be broadened through exercises. Lifting up yourself while laying on your back – this will engage thighs, hips, back and abdomen to get strengthened. It’s hard for few people to lift up themselves but trying would definitely lift you up and is a great strengthening and weight gain exercise. Even abs will start to grow through this workout. Of course, the exercises and workouts to grow abs is again another path.

Push Yourself Without Equipment

Pull-ups, pushups, and sit-ups are ultimate ways of building shoulder muscles, hand muscles, chest, and thighs. Never go for equipment as they should be done under guidance. So at home, you can do whatever you would like. Find time for these workouts if you want an answer on how to gain weight.

Mini Training

More exercises like running, skipping, and jumping would strengthen the leg muscles thus making them heavy. These small muscle training exercises are not to reduce weight but to strengthen the muscles in the legs.

It’s great to build the body and it’s worse to be so lean or to be fat. Eat and exercise accordingly to have a splendid health.