Sexual and reproductive health is a critical part of any man. This is regardless of factors such as age, social status, and sexual orientation. It is also a major component of a couple’s foundation and may affect the quality of life especially for people in a relationship. As a man, if you are having sexual problems you may opt to buy tadalafil online but the best option is to see a medical doctor. Sexual problems are affecting many men and the problem is most of them are suffering in silence although most if not all of the problems are treatable.

Sexual dysfunction can be defined as the inability of a person to have a satisfactory sexual relationship. However, the word satisfactory is relative because what other persons deem satisfactory may not be satisfactory to another person. You can choose to buy tadalafil online after seeing a physician. This tablet consists of Cialis that can treat a wide range of sexual problems in men.

Sexual problems not only affect your quality of life but they sometimes be a sign of another underlying psychological or medical problem. You must handle any sexual problem with the seriousness it deserves and evaluates it carefully. Seek professional help as soon as possible before things get out of hand.

How Sexual Function is Achieved and Maintained?

Sexual function is a coordination of several systems in the body. For anyone to experience sexual desire, the neurological pathways and hormones must work together. An erection is achieved and maintained when both the nerves, blood vessels, and penile muscles are in sync with each other. This is more necessary during coitus or any form of sexual activity. Ejaculation is a result of muscles and nerve coordination. Orgasm is considered complex and may not be fully understood, but it is also a result of coordination between nerves and muscles.

Unlike men, women are likely to experience sexual problems during different stages of the sexual response cycle. The sexual response cycle in women includes the excitement stage, plateau, orgasm and resolution. All these factors must be considered and examined individually and extensively by the physician while diagnosing sexual problems.

Physical and Psychological Causes of Sexual Dysfunction

There are psychological and physical causes of sexual dysfunction. Physical causes may include:

  • Hormonal imbalances
  • Heart diseases
  • Disease such as diabetes
  • Drug abuse
  • Alcoholism
  • Side effects of different types of medications such as antidepressants
  • Neurological diseases
  • Chronic diseases such as liver failure of kidney disease

Diagnosis of Sexual Problems in Men

Your doctor will start by examining your medical and sexual history. A detailed examination of your psychological history may also be necessary. The physician will then perform a comprehensive physical examination to determine if there are any physical causes of the problems. If needed, your doctor may request your partner or spouse to be present to provide other useful information. You must answer all the questions truthfully as some may be intimate and can make you feel uncomfortable.

Some of the questions may center around sexual orientation, the frequency of sexual relationships. The physician might also be concerned with the quality or satisfaction of your sexual relationships. Your physician may also be inclined to inquire about the exact number of sexual partners you have and other nonsexual complaints. Physical examination may entail the examination of your external genitalia including the scrotum, penis, and perineum. Possible tests to be carried out include nocturnal tumescence which is needed to examine nocturnal erections.

Possible Treatment for Sexual Problems

The type of treatment your doctor will come up with largely depends on the cause of the sexual problem diagnosed. If the problem is mainly psychological then the doctor might recommend that you see a relevant psychiatrist or psychologist. In such a case, you may be required to undergo cognitive behavior therapy which is often the most effective method for this kind of problem. You may also be required to undergo a couple’s therapy session depending on the extent of the psychological problem.

If your sexual problem is a result of low libido then appropriate actions will also be taken depending on the cause of the problem. For instance, if your low libido problem is caused by the medication you are taking then the doctor may recommend another type of medication that has no side effect. If the problem is due to hormonal imbalance the doctor is likely to suggest that you get a hormonal replacement. You must talk to your doctor about any changes that you might experience in terms of your libido. This is important because the absence or diminished sexual desire varies from one man to the other. As mentioned earlier what might be unsatisfactory to you might be fulfilling to another man.