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Anavar is also called as girl steroid in steroid community. A female athletics does not need a body that is similar to male athletics. And   if a female athletics have bulky muscles it would not be easy to do twist and turns. Apart female bodies are not made for having a hefty muscles. This is a very mild steroid and used by women in bulking muscles. Some men also use this steroid but during cutting cycle. When compared to anabolic steroid the risk in using this steroid is very minimal. Anvar does not result in virilization in woman.

People always say that the usage of anabolic steroids for women, body builders or weight lifters, is very risk and will not prefer to suggest.  If women tend to take any of the anabolic steroids it results in developing male characteristics like hair on face, voice change etc.. Apart from this a serious problem that may occur by using anabolic steroid is breast cancer. Does it mean that female body builders should get adjusted with winstrol? There is no other steroid that woman professional body builders can use with minimal or no side-effects. Then the answer is ANVAR.

How this steroid works on women?

Women have a high amount of estrogen hormone. This hormone will accumulate all the fat beneath the skin. When a woman takes this steroid, it will reduce the level of estrogen hormone and cuts the body fat and increases the muscle mass by stimulating protein. Estrogen hormone plays a major role in controlling the oxygen flow in the body.

Benefits of using this steroid

Advantages of using this steroid are smaller muscle gain which looks good on women, protecting swiftness, increasing the stamina, cardiovascular strength and suppress appetite. Many women use this medicine also to lose weight.  Consuming this medicine would result in mild side-effects.


Generally basing on women body tendency, the suggested dosage is between 10mg to 50mg up to 8 weeks and gives a break for 4 to 6 weeks before you restart your cycle.if you are a beginner of this steroid it is always suggest to start with minimal dosage. Check your self and thoroughly.  If you do not fine any symptoms or side-effects then in next cycle increase by 5mg.The anavar androgenic anabolic steroids are used for building immense muscles for body builders and other users. It is also essentially used medication in the treatment of many medical diseases.


This steroid is a mild dosage of anabolic steroid. So the side-effects are every minimal. If the dosage exceeds the maximum level then it would be risking the health.

The side effects that are found using this steroid are hair loss, facial hair growth, change in voice, distortions near the thigh muscles, water retention,  increase in Blood pressure, effecting menstrual cycle .

Though this drug consists of mild nature, it is banned in many parts of the world. Using this drug is not a legal activities. If anybody is found using this drug they will get penalized.