Occupations with High Risk for Asbestos & Mesothelioma

Asbestos has been a health scourge for a number of generations and is only now starting to phase out as many of the industrial 1950s generation and earlier have started to pass away. That said, the material still exists in buildings and manufacturing, and it can still cause harmful effects on new generations as well with exposure. Even naturally occurring asbestos in fields and land can be just as harmful.

Where Did it Come From?

From the 1920s forward, asbestos was regularly used because it was extremely effective as a fire retardant material. No surprise, asbestos had much of its first application in military construction, especially during the 1940s, but it also was used heavily in buildings to stop the spread of fire in structures. Asbestos also found its way into a number of heat and flame resistance products that ranged from blankets to airplane components to even furniture and cars. Unfortunately, the hazards of breathing in asbestos fibers were not made public for decades, and thousands were exposed to the hazard as well as developing the health effects best known as mesothelioma.

Asbestos Still Shows Up in Modern Times

Obviously, the primary manufacturers who made the products and those that fabricated asbestos to be used as parts and components of products have been repeatedly held responsible. That said, their products continue to keep harming new folks over the years, especially where the asbestos has been long-lasting and contained until opened up again. The most vivid case of this is in buildings where asbestos lining sits for years contained behind drywall and insulation, only to be exposed again during renovations or repairs. Then the fibers become loose and can travel through ventilation patterns to affect new victims. The auto repair industry is another high-risk area. Drum brakes that are still used on many trucks and hauling vehicles utilize asbestos brake pads. Multiple other parts in different vehicle types also expose vehicle technicians every day to risk.

Asbestos Exposure Treatment Can Be Costly

The treatment for mesothelioma is not inexpensive and can drain a person’s own health insurance savings very quickly. This is why it is so important for people, when diagnosed, to seek out protection and recovery as quickly as possible. Otherwise, many find themselves relegated to painful, terminal cancer path or ineffective treatment due to not being able to access proper care.

Get an Examination If You’re Not Sure

If you think you may have worked in an automotive manufacturing or repair environment or building that has had asbestos in it, even if it was not disturbed and you were told things were kept contained, get checked. Knowing as soon as possible if you have been affected by asbestos exposure is the best way to give yourself options for getting the right care and treatment. Many cases languished for years without correct treatment, causing many patients to pass away unnecessarily. Even though asbestos has been a decades-old issue, you still have rights and protection from the mistakes of responsible companies that still exist. Find out more on Asbestos.Net and protect yourself.