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Humans have established communities, built houses and created societies. Most notably, we have long histories of situating our settlements around water sources; flourishing around drinkable water which was optimal for our survival.

While humans can go several days without food, most cannot live without water. Sadly, millions of people worldwide die due to being unable to access clean and safe water stations, and either die of thirst and water-borne diseases. However, water pollution is not only a problem for developing countries; many first-world populations are at risk of their homes water flow being contaminated and, therefore, affecting their health.

With water contamination threatening our freshwater supplies and our health, here’s a guide on water pollution, how it can affect you, and what you can do it stop it.

How Does Water Become Polluted?

Almost everything that is a product of our civilization can pollute our drinking water. The main sources are oil spills, agricultural run-offs, lead-infused pipelines, litter, acid rain, chemical dumping and sewage. Although it seems as if our every move is at risk of spoiling our water supplies, governments have created Clean Water Acts and water policies to regulate pollutants in the hopes of minimizing contamination. However, many companies are still prone to dumping their toxic waste in the sea for it to only filter back to the mainland. Not only does this affect us humans but it also damages the wildlife.

What Does Polluted Water Smell, Taste and Look Like?

Due to water’s translucency and mostly odourless smell, it can be easy to spot when there’s something off with the water coming from your taps. Water pollution presents unpleasant odours, tastes and can look cloudy and/or opaque. If your water comes out slightly discolored and offers an ‘off’ smell, make sure to contact a plumber or surveyor immediately.

Can I Claim Compensation?

If your drinking water has become polluted, make sure to inform your council and government. Immediate action should be taken, and your neighbors warned. Due to the health risks water pollution can cause, you could be the entitled to compensation. Therefore, make sure to hire a professional lawyer similar to the Newburgh Water Attorney who continues to fight for the residents of Newburgh, NY.

How Does Polluted Water Affect Us?

Your body will undergo a reaction when drinking untreated water nowadays. Here’s how polluted water can affect you.

  • Infectious diseases are easily spread through contaminated water such as Typhoid, Jaundice and Malaria.
  • Pesticides could damage the nervous system and are a cause of cancer.
  • Heavy metals from nearby industrial sites can contaminate groundwater and slow development and result in birth defects.
  • Fluorides can cause your teeth to yellow and damage your spinal cord.

What Can We Do to Stop Pollution?

We must all do our part when keeping pollution at bay. Make sure to put your litter in the bin and pick up anything lying on the beach. If you see anyone littering, report them to the authorities, and in your community, educate children while increasing awareness. This could be through newsletters or regular village/town meetings with like-minded people.