The Future Role and Benefits of Telemedicine | South Coast Post Acute

If you are a provider that is currently not offering telehealth services, it may be time to start this service for your patients. Telehealth software has been used a lot more in recent years, and not offering it could cause your patients to look for medical services elsewhere. Read on for more information about the benefits of using telehealth services.

Attract More New Patients

As many patients start their search for a new provider online, they will vet their search based off of what they are looking for. If they are looking for a provider that offers telehealth services and this isn’t listed on your website, they could pass you up for a provider that does have telehealth listed on their website. Advertising that you offer telehealth services can help attract patients that aren’t comfortable coming into an office or prefer to do their appointments from home.

Help Better Serve Current Patients

Telehealth visits can greatly help out some of your current patients. While some patients might simply prefer having their visits from the comfort of their own home, it can help reduce the cost of scheduling a visit for others. Parents who are watching their kids at home can much more easily fit a telehealth visit into their schedule. This also helps them save money on gas or keep them from having to find a caretaker for their appointment. Telehealth visits can also help decrease wait times for in-office patient visits as there will be less people in the office.

Optimize Time

These online visits can also help to reduce time and resources spent per patient and therefore allow you to serve more patients. When patients are handled fully online, the appointments are often more easy to streamline and are quicker. With some patients being taken care of fully at home, this leaves your in office team more time to spend on patients in person. Reception staff dealing with less people in person gives them the ability to be more thorough and therefore less of a chance of making a mistake.

Reduce Spread of Infectious Diseases

Being able to see patients that may have something contagious over video call is one of the biggest benefits of telehealth. This reduces the chance of your other patients or staff getting sick, especially those that are elderly or immunocompromised. Those with a compromised immune system may also be more inclined to schedule telehealth visits versus in-person visits.

Many doctors offices are becoming more tech savvy everyday, which their patients are seeing the benefits from. Aside from telehealth services, setting your office up with an answering service software is another piece of technology that can help out your patients. This allows for any calls to your office to be answered 24/7 with people based in the U.S. As technology is becoming more prevalent in every aspect of life, make sure your office is staying up to date with software that can help you best serve your patients. If you don’t stay up to date with the newest technology, you run the risk of being left behind.