Why Everyone Needs Counseling Therapy | MyTherapist

Maybe it is our individualistic culture, but it seems that there is a very big stigma in our country regarding counseling. Many look at counseling and therapy as something that is for only people with real, “serious” problems. While yes, if someone is experiencing something very serious in their lives or battling a severe mental illness, therapy can be a great tool for making progress forward. However, counseling is for everyone. A person does not need to reach rock bottom before reaching out for help. Finding a therapist that can help you work through struggles or difficult moments in your life can be extremely beneficial for anyone, even for those who consider their lives to be “stress-free”.

One of the reasons many people do not wish to seek counseling is that they have not ever been encouraged to express their feelings, much less talk about them with a professional. This is especially true for men. Men tend to be avoidant of seeking therapy at much higher rates than women. However, a well-matched therapist can be just what someone with a closed off sense of self and/or repressed feelings needs in the realms of self-knowledge, self-care, self-control, and self-motivation, which apply to any aspect of life.

Another reason some people choose to not seek therapy when they could benefit from it is that they believe their problems do not meet a certain imaginary threshold for needing therapy. There is no sand in the line that explicitly states that your problems are too temporary and minor to seek help.

Everyone needs some guidance every now and then with certain struggles in their life. Perhaps you made the big decision to go back to school but are having a hard time adjusting to being a student again. Perhaps your parents have become ill and require constant care. Perhaps you and your partner just simply are not seeing eye to eye about anything anymore. Everyday, thousands of people across the country experience difficulties just like these. Finding healthy ways to cope with stress and change is critical.

How to Find the Right Therapist

Once you have made the decision to seek therapy, then it is time to find one. This is easier said than done. One could simply google a phrase like “Centennial Counseling” and pick someone at random. But, finding a therapist that is right for you is going to be critical for you to get the most out of your time in therapy. Many therapists will offer free consultation phone calls. During these phone calls you can explain your reasoning for seeking therapy and the therapists can give you some insight into what their sessions would look like, their philosophies, and payment information.

As with anything else in life, you will only get back what you put into your therapy sessions. You should feel comfortable speaking to your therapist with honesty. If there is one person in your life you can benefit the most from being truthful with, it is your therapist. It may take a few sessions for there to be a good foundation built between the two of you. Don’t get discouraged if you don’t immediately feel like a brand new person after only one session. With some time, some hard work, and introspection, you will find new balance and fulfillment in your life.

If you or someone you love is struggling with a certain issue in your life, it might be time to consider talking to someone about it. There is no shame in seeking help when we need it. In fact, it is much better to seek help before the problem escalates and becomes impossible to manage, even via telehealth counseling. Take some time to do some research and find a few therapists who seem to fit your needs.