How can a woman find out if she is pregnant? | Pureit Water India

You have found out you are pregnant? Have you done the pregnancy test? Many pregnant women worry about the changes that their bodies are beginning to experience as a result of motherhood. If this is the first time and the expectant mother is young or this may be an unwanted pregnancy, she has not yet learned to recognize the first symptoms of pregnancy and doubts assail her. This is something very normal for most expectant mothers. To guarantee you greater peace of mind, below we explain in detail some of those symptoms that fall within the usual of discovering that you are pregnant and what you should do while you are.

The Symptoms of Pregnancy

Most women have different ways of knowing whether they are pregnant or not, but for the most part, the main symptoms are:

  • Delayed menstruation: If your cycles are regular, the absence of periods is a first clear indication of pregnancy. However, you should also know that some women have continued to bleed regularly for a few months while pregnant, so if the bleeding is abnormal, do not hesitate to consult your specialist.
  • Tiredness and drowsiness: During pregnancy, your body uses more energy. Rest, in addition to promoting recovery, will ensure that you do not run any risk that endangers the baby.
  • Breast augmentation: From the beginning, you will notice your breasts have more volume and more sensitive than usual. As the days go by, they will feel heavier and somewhat sore.
  • Changes in mood: It is very normal for the expecting mother to alternate between happiness and crying. She is undergoing great hormonal changes that make her more susceptible and give importance to certain things that at any other time would go unnoticed.
  • Nausea: Far from what you think, they do not have to be morning. They can be accentuated by certain foods and smells, and usually appear at the end of the third week of pregnancy.
  • Perception of odors: Smell becomes more acute than necessary and when perceiving them with more intensity, some odors can be unpleasant.

Many women feel great uncertainty when they are informed that they are pregnant. Although this process is long and full of physical and hormonal changes, you can enjoy it if you follow a series of recommendations for your daily life.

Take Care Of Your Diet

One of the keys to feeling strong and energetic is your diet. Your diet must be healthy and balanced with foods rich in nutrients and vitamins. Try to eat fruits, vegetables, dairy, and legumes, without forgetting the protein intake with meat and fish. Likewise, hydration is also very important. Drink at least one and a half liters of water a day, in addition to milk and unsweetened natural juices. Alcoholic beverages and coffee are totally prohibited.

Attend Your Scheduled Appointments

It is of the utmost importance that you attend all your medical appointments. Prenatal tests and ultrasounds will help you feel calmer with less anxiety. It is recommended that you exercise to promote your cardiovascular and muscular condition. Yoga, Pilates, swimming, or walking are the activities that will improve your general well-being. In addition, you should wear comfortable clothing, so that your movements are seamless, and it allows for good circulation.

See A Good Gynecologist

Find the best team of qualified professionals in gynecology and obstetrics. Make sure your gynecologist has the most advanced equipment to perform the right procedures, examinations, and treatments. Dr. Francene Gayle has gynecological experience and knows exactly what to tell you to expect when you are pregnant and expecting a healthy baby.