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I don’t know about you, but I was in high school still when vaporizers were gaining momentum. In high school though, of course, my peers weren’t particularly interested in the advantages to your health when switching to vape from smoke. Instead, as more and more viable handheld vaporizers were released, everyone was just excited to be able to get stoned in public, indoor places where you could never ever smoke in a million years. Kids were excitedly buying vapes just to use them stealthily in the bathrooms between classes, and all of a sudden movie theatres became a whole lot more fun.

If you’re going to be that guy that absolutely must get higher and higher throughout a whole movie, then at least make sure you get the best portable vaporizer for the job at least. When it comes to any matter of stealth, the Firefly 2 just can’t be beat. It’s simply too well designed, and considering the quality it delivers through such a tiny shape and size, it’s definitely worth the 300$ retail price.

The thing about this vape is that it is literally the size of a USB flash drive and can be so inconspicuously used in the palm of your hand that you can feel safe almost anywhere with it. Especially with the lights down low in a movie theatre, you shouldn’t have any worries of anybody catching on. The other reason the Firefly 2 is hands down the best portable vaporizer for sneaky situations is the fact that it heats up and is ready to be vaped in all of but three seconds. This means you can enjoy a small sesh at a time, and before you start really stinking up any room you can take a little break, without having to be bothered by a pesky waiting time before your next sesh. All around, the Firefly 2 is the best possible portable vape money can buy, in the context of needing privacy and stealth anyways. Easy to carry, easy to hide, easy to start, and with the app connected from your smartphone to the vape, easy to control the temperature as well.