Do you continue abusing marijuana with the consolation that you cannot die from an overdose? This is one of the reasons why may people consider marijuana less harmful than others. Science supports you by saying that cannabinoid receptors are not found near your brain stem that is responsible for respiration. Even though this to some extent has some truth in it, it does not mean that indirect effects of marijuana cannot end your life. If you are a doubting Thomas, visit an emergency room and see how many inexperienced abusers are rushed in simply because they overdosed from it.

Scientists say that even if an overdose cannot kill you directly, the symptoms of marijuana overdose can indirectly become fatal. An example of such a case dates back in 2014 where an overdosed person threw himself over his balcony due to agitation and confusion that were caused by an overdose of marijuana edibles. This should tell you that the side effects need marijuana withdrawal so as to prevent such cases from happening.

What are the symptoms of marijuana overdose?


Too much marijuana affects your stability making you feel like the world is spinning around you.Sometimes it may temporarily paralyze your legs such that you cannot move for long without support from a friend.

Heart rate

Your normal heart rate becomes twice as fast with an overdose of marijuana. Such symptoms is what makes you suffer lack of breath which prevents you from inhaling enough oxygen with more carbon monoxide being produced by your body.


Turning pale especially if your skin is light may be visible due to improper blood flow inside your skin. The toxins in the drug get into your bloodstream affecting the color of your skin.

Anxiety and paranoia

If you think that the tales that people narrate when high are fake, try overdosing. This condition acts upon your fears such that everything becomes scary. You become fearful about law enforcers catching up with you even if you are locked in your home.


Too much marijuana may cause you to vomit even if this can be a marijuana withdrawal symptom. When your body has taken too much and cannot handle any more, you may start vomiting on an empty stomach which leaves you dehydrated.


Inability of your body’s lack of control may leave you trembling and feeling cold even on a normal room temperature.

What can make you overdose on marijuana?


Studies show that areas that have made marijuana legal, give leeway for most young people to try out different kinds of marijuana including the edibles. Lacking too much experience on the drug, you cannot tell how much is too much. This can make you take marijuana edibles in excess and cause an overdose.

The type of marijuana

Do you often wonder why everybody else in a room feel high while you may be smoking with them but feel nothing? This may be due to the fact that you are smoking it wrong. Different types of marijuana also have different effects on people. Taking edibles for example gives you almost immediate effect while smoking may take some time before you start feeling anything especially if you are a victim of peer pressure. The more you feel nothing, the more your friends may encourage you to take more edibles. It does not hit you that an overdose is a possibility until you cannot stand on your own any more.

Accidental use

Cases of accidental consumption caused by lack of labelling your drugs are in the rise. Being a user may make you careless about leaving your drugs in bottles without labelling them. If a person looking for painkillers or just a curious baby playing around an unkempt room, they take the drug unknowingly only to end up overdosing from it.

What do you do in case of an overdose?

This may not happen to you but can occur to a friend. The first thing you need to know is that the symptoms may be temporary and may last some few hours if they didn’t not take too much.

Constant attention

Since there is no telling how much symptoms one may experience, stay with them so that you can monitor their progress and be with them just in case they need anything


Getting them to a safe place far from too many eyes may make them feel more comfortable as you support them in case they have weak legs.


Lots of fluids will help them with weed detox to counteract the harmful chemicals that they ingested. Vomiting needs high amounts of water for them not to get any weaker.


In case your first aid does not help with the symptoms, seeking medical help will help them overcome overdose symptoms.

Preventing marijuana overdose

Weed detox

Start reducing the amounts of marijuana as a way of detoxing. A good clinic will help you replace the harmful substance with healthier nutrients that help you conquer the addiction. Abstaining minimizes the risk of marijuana overdose.

Therapeutic support

If you are addicted to marijuana and suffered an overdose, be lucky and take it as a second chance bestowed unto you. A 3 months program of therapy will give you all the necessary support and care that you need to recover.

 Holistic therapy

Other than just your body, you mind and spirit also need healing. This is because marijuana addiction may be your place of comfort from all the stress and depression in your life. This therapy aims at improving you mental health as a therapists tries to understand the root cause of your problem. Such therapy is important so that your lifestyle may not lead you to an overdose.

Final thoughts

In as much that THC chemical found in marijuana will not kill you directly, the experiences that accompany an overdose are never pleasant to anyone. For instance, if you caused an accident due to consuming too much marijuana causing death of other passengers, wouldn’t you spend the rest of your life blaming the marijuana? Stop looking for excuses to continue with your bad habit and stay clean because life is too precious to waste it on marijuana overdose.