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Since the last few years, e-cigarettes have become extremely popular as a tool which can be used to quit smoking. People who have been chain smokers throughout their lives are trying their best to use e-cigarettes in order to quit the habit of smoking. Although there are yet to be evidences on how much effective they can be, yet there are many who have found them to be extremely helpful for quitting smoking.

An e-cigarette or an electronic cigarette, which you can get in stores like is a device which can let you breathe in nicotine without taking in the harmful impacts that are associated with smoking. These cigarettes work by creating a sort of vapour from the solution which contains nicotine, a colourless and thick liquid called propylene glycol along with other flavourings. There will be no smoke as there isn’t any burning involved in the process.

Can e-cigarettes help with quitting smoking?

According to researches, e-cigarettes can let you quit smoking. If you wish to utilize an e-cigarette to let you quit, you can give yourself the best ability to stop smoking. Till April 2015, 2 among 3 people who use electronic cigarettes along with services from NHS Stop Smoking Service quit smoking successfully.

There are different things which will work for different people and in case you tried different other methods before for quitting smoking without getting any sort of success, you can try e-cigarettes in order to be successful.

Do doctors recommend e-cigarettes?

Currently, there aren’t any such e-cigarettes in the market which are licensed and recommended as medicines which means that they aren’t available on any NHS prescription. As soon as the medicinally licensed electronic cigarettes hit the market, the general physicians and the Stop Smoking services can all recommend them in prescriptions along with the other medicines for quitting this bad habit.

E-cigarettes – Are they safe?

E-cigarettes don’t produce carbon monoxide and tar which are the 2 main toxins that you get in traditional cigarettes. The vapour that comes out from the electronic counterparts usually contain few harmful chemicals which are also there in normal cigarette smoke but the level is much lower. E-cigarettes are fairly new and we are yet to get a clear picture on their safety.

Therefore, when you’re wondering about the ways in which you can use electronic cigarettes in order to stop the habit of smoking, you can try using one to reap its benefits.