Every parent in the world naturally worries about their children. They want their kids to grow up healthy and happy, and they also want them do succeed in education and their careers to make sure they can be financially comfortable and afford to do the things they want to do in life. However, there are many children with conditions such as ADHD and other learning disabilities that give them an unfair disadvantage when it comes to education. But there are ways parents can help their children, even if they suffer from something that affects their ability to learn.

Working memory can be thought of as the search engine of the mind. It’s what allows people to store, process and utilise information, and that’s why it’s a good idea for parents to look into methods and treatments that can boost their children’s working memory capacity. Cogmed working memory training is one such thing that can really help children with learning disabilities, and it’s been effective for thousands of children in Australia.

It goes without saying that it can often be difficult to make children pay attention regardless of whether or not they have a learning disability. It’s vital for parents to put effort into boosting their children’s working memory, and Cogmed working memory training with Learning Discoveries is an effective way to do it.

A Fun Way for Children to Enhance their Learning Abilities

It’s not an easy task trying to persuade children to take on extra learning tasks to boost their memory. Many kids don’t particularly enjoy school as it is, and telling them they’re going to go on a memory training course might not sound like good news to them. However, Learning Discoveries are well aware of this fact, and that’s why their training courses are designed to be fun.

  • How does it work? –Children will complete a series of workshops over a five-week period that will help them improve their working memory. The training sessions are innovative and provide proven positive results, and they mix many methods – including the use of computer games – to make sure kids will enjoy them.
  • Who is it for? – Just about any child could benefit from this training but especially those who suffer from ADHD, have learning disabilities, have suffered a brain injury or stroke, or have epilepsy. Basically, any child who has a slight disadvantage when it comes to learning could hugely benefit from this training.
  • Is it just about learning? – An improved ability to learn at school is just one of the positive outcomes of this training. It also helps children when it comes to social situations, gaining a driver’s license, talking to family members and understanding books and TV shows.

Needless to say, all parents want the best for their children, and this training will seriously help all children who have difficulty with learning. It’s a fun way to boost children’s working memories, and parents will know they are pulling out all the stops to help their children succeed.