If a person happens to be in the dental industry, they have already carved out a career, and will aspire to succeed and develop professionally during the years ahead. Of course, there are many variations of working environment, including hospitals, dental clinics, and not forgetting employment agencies.

Full or part time positions

Dental recruitment agencies offer both full and part time positions, and are part of a large network of clinics and hospitals that constantly require qualified personnel. For someone in the dental profession, working for a recruitment agency has many benefits, including the flexibility to choose when and where one works.


Some people prefer a change of working environments, and working as a temp certainly provides variety. Meeting and working with many different people also has its appeal, and by experiencing a range of working environments, a person gains a wealth of experience. Temp dental nurseshave a level of flexibility, so that summer trip can still be arranged, without causing problems at work.

Finding the right position

Finding the ideal job is never easy and might take some time, and by registering with a recruitment agency, many options will present themselves, and eventually the right employer will be sourced. Major dental practices and hospitals do not normally advertise privately for staff, preferring to use a recruitment company that specialises in the dental industry. For the job hunter, it is more convenient, as they do not have to chase after advertised positions, as the agency will provide the ideal employer.

Student availability

If a person is still studying in the dental field, and requires some part time work, registering with a reputable recruitment agency is the ideal solution. Many of their clients require dental assistants to work weekends, so there is no shortage of weekend and evening work, which can go a long way towards paying the tuition fees. Holiday breaks are an ideal time for temporary work, and by registering with the right agency, free time can be utilised by gaining valuable work experience.

A professional network

If one is looking for a new position, consider First Point Recruitment, as they arepart of a well-established network in the field of dental care, which means they can place candidates in top positions across Western Australia, so if a person is looking to boost their career by a job change, they should register with the best agency, to increase their chances of a positive career move.

Nothing to lose

By registering with a reputable agency, one has nothing to lose and everything to gain. Of course, a person doesn’t have to accept any position, but hopefully, the ideal employer will be just round the corner. A person might be considering a career move next year, and by registering with an agency, any possible positions can be evaluated, until the right employer is found.

Moving up the ladder

The longer a person works, the more experience they have, and with the right job changes, one can quickly be at the top of the tree. The dental industry will always be in need of qualified personnel, and by using the services of a recruitment agency, one can be assured of the best employment positions available.