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If there is one beauty advice that has stood the test of time and is still relevant today, it is the use of moisturizer on your skin. It is a great piece of advice that has been passed on from mother to daughter, friend to friend for generations, and it is still followed today because it has been shown to be truly effective in giving womensoft and young-looking skin.

Before you go out and buy yourself some moisturizer, however, you first need to determine what kind of products are best for your skin type. Yes, not all moisturizers are the same because different people have different needs.One product may be ideal for your best friend but not for you. In order for you to find out which moisturizer is ideal for you, you first need to determinewhat skin type you have.

Different Skin Types and the Ideal Moisturizer for Each One

While every person is different and their skin types are unique, there are general skin categories for these many skin variants. Finding out what your skin type is will help you choose the right moisturizer for your skin.

Normal – Thisis probably what people will call as generally flawless skin. This is because people who have normal skin suffer from few imperfections, are typically not sensitive to cosmetics, and have fine pores. People with this skin type should choose a non-greasy moisturizer to help maintain the natural balance of their skin. Some of the things they can use include water-based face mist and moisturizing serum.

Dry – Peoplewith dry skin type often suffer from some flaking and dull-looking skin. Genetics play a role, but thismay be caused by environmental factors as well, like living in an arid and windy location or swimming in a chlorinated swimming pool daily. It can also be brought aboutby using harsh facial cleansers and soaps.

When you have dry skin, try to choose a moisturizer that is thicker and stays on your skin longer.Examples arebody butterandlotions. Find productsthat helps lock in moisture and give your skin added softness, like those with dimethicone and hyaluronic acid which keep skin hydrated.

Oily – Thisis the opposite of dry skin and is one that is usually brought about by hormones or by stress. Oily skin does not only give you a shiny complexion but also makes you prone to breakouts and blemishes.

Some people think that those with oily skin do not need to moisturize, but on the contrary, they actually do. What you need to look for, if you are someone with oily skin, is a moisturizer that does not block your pores (non-comedogenic) and has alphahydroxy acids (AHA).

Combination – Thisskin type is one of the hardest to work with since some parts of your skin may be oily while other parts are dry or normal. For this skin type, a combination of moisturizers may be needed.

Different Moisturizers for Different Parts of Your Body

Another important thing to consider is what sort of moisturizer fits a particular part of your body. For instance, would you use your shampoo on your body or your body soap on your hair? Probably not. This same logic goes for moisturizers. Would you use body lotion on your face and your facial moisturizers on your body? You could, but it simply isn’t ideal.

Yourbody comprises different skin types as well, and as such, they will need different kinds of moisturizers. Some parts of your body, like your feet and elbows, will need morehydrating products. There are also some body parts that require a milder formulation, like your face for example.

To ensure that you are properly moisturizing your entire body, try to get a few products that will provide your different body parts with the right amount of hydration they need. Consider looking into products from legacy brands like Nivea, Neutrogena, and Aveeno, luxury options like Clinique and Lancome, or up-and-coming Korean beauty brands like Petitfee,Nature Republic, and Innisfree.

Ensuring that your face and your body are properly moisturized requires that you know exactly what to do. Determineyour skin type, know what moisturizer types are best for your skin, and know which parts of you need more hydration than others. These will help give you the soft, supple, and young-looking skin that you want and deserve.