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Though there are numerous types of mattresses available in the market, the Latex mattress alone is identified as the most superior mattress. While the mattress which is made of natural latex ensures the best sleep quality, it is healthy as well as hygienic also. The natural rubber latex is a 100% natural product which is extracted from a tree. The mattress which is made of natural latex is environment-friendly and it has no health hazards. No synthetic latex is as soft and supple as the natural rubber latex. When pressure is removed, the natural rubber form instantaneously regains its original shape whereas the synthetic latex varieties take time to regain their normal shape. Since the natural latex releases the pressure points of the body, the mattress made of natural latex ensures the most comfortable and undisturbed sleep throughout night. Those who had their night-sleep on a natural rubber foam mattress feel fully relaxed and fresh when they get up in the morning. This type of mattress provides great relief from muscular pain, bone pain and joints pain.

Hypoallergenic characteristics

The best quality natural rubber foam latex is highly durable and it is easy to maintain the bed in good condition. The natural rubber latex is known for its hypoallergenic properties. This type of foam resists moisture and will not allow breeding of bacteria, mildew, mold and dust mites. Hence the mattress made of natural rubber foam is a healthy and hygienic product and those who sleep on this type of mattress are ensured of protection from allergies and various other diseases. The open-cell structure of the natural latex enables it to maintain continuous air flow thereby effectively preventing moisture buildup. In the absence of moisture molds, mildew and bacteria are unable to survive. Since the natural rubber foam bed is 100% free of chemicals and fillers this bed is ideal for even those who have allergic problems. No fire-retardant chemicals are used in this type of mattress and hence it has no health hazards. The fire-retardant chemicals are carcinogenic and also they affect the reproductive capability of those who are using this type of mattress.

No allergy problems

Those who suffer from latex allergy may be skeptical about the suitability of mattress which is made of natural latex. However, it is proved that latex allergy patients are able to sleep comfortably on Latex mattress. Those who have skin irritation and minor respiratory problems are also assured of healthy and comfortable sleep on the mattress made of natural latex. Since the natural rubber latex is widely used to manufacture surgical gloves as well as condoms, those who use Latex mattress made of natural latex to sleep need not fear about skin irritation. The medical-grade latex will not trigger allergy problems and still those who do not like to sleep on the latex bed can cover the bed with a non-padded mattress cover as a precaution. Still they can enjoy an excellent and undisturbed night sleep with no allergy problems. Natural latex keeps the body cool in summer and warm in winter. Since natural latex is a purely natural product extracted from trees it is considered as a sustainable as well as renewable natural resource.