Preparing for the birth of a new child is an exciting yet daunting time for almost all parents, especially if they’re expecting their first child. Having a first child is a brand new challenge, and it’s the most important job in an adult’s life. In the modern world, raising a child isn’t just about ensuring its survival, it’s about making sure they try their hardest in school and learn to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Many people in certain countries consider circumcision to be a religious act, and though it certainly can be, religion isn’t the only reason to have the procedure done. It’s also thought to have a variety of health benefits, and that’s why many Australian parents choose to visit a circumcision clinic in Perth.

In the interest of being impartial, it has to be said that parents needn’t worry about their child’s health as a result of avoiding circumcision. Almost every expert agrees that circumcision isn’t required to ensure good health, but it could be beneficial for many reasons. In addition, there’s no need to worry about the safety of children’s surgery due to the sophistication of modern medical facilities.

The Health Benefits

Many scientists still debate whether circumcision is really necessary for a child’s health, and while there may be disagreement, there’s certainly no harm in having the operation. The health benefits that have been cited so far include:

  • Circumcision helps protect boys against penile cancer
  • It also reduces the risk of cervical cancer in girls who have a circumcised partner
  • A reduced risk of urinary tract infections, commonly known as bladder infections
  • Almost eliminated risk of balanoposthitis, which is the swelling of glans and foreskin
  • Prevention of phimosis and paraphimosis, which are conditions that affect the foreskin

To what extent circumcision reduces the risk of conditions such as cancer as largely still unknown, but many parents decide it’s a good procedure to have regardless due to its other benefits on top of the fact that it completely safe.

Many circumcision clinics in Perth choose to operate only on infants above the age of six months old, and that’s so that they can use general anaesthesia safely to ensure comfort and a painless operation. While it is possible to have infants younger than six months old circumcised, it is considered a little risky to use anaesthesia.

Needless to say, parents still worry about the safety of their child no matter how safe they are told the procedure is. They want to know that the surgeon they are placing their trust in knows exactly what they’re doing and has the experience to ensure the operation is completed without a hiccup.

As long as the most reputable clinic is chosen, parents can feel secure in the knowledge that the operation will take place in a controlled, safe and comfortable environment where their child will receive the highest-quality medical care throughout the painless procedure.