The great game of cricket has been a part of Australian culture for more than a century, and its popularity has stood the test of time, with generation after generation producing excellent players at all levels. The benefits of cricket are many, especially for the youngster who needs to acquire many traits to enable them to be a successful person. Cricket, like many team sports, is all about strategy and winning, and this develops several positive sides to a child’s personality.


Training and playing requires a certain level of commitment, and this is usually a direct reflection on the player’s performance, with most superstars practicing for at least 8 hours per day. Of course, not all players are that committed, but even at school team level, certain enjoyable activities will have to be scratched off the schedule, as team training must come first. There is a lot of information about how to play cricket online, and it might be an idea for the young player to become acquainted with the rules of the game.

Leadership skills

Cricket is a sport that requires players that can take control of a situation and motivate the team, especially if they are losing. Leadership is something that a person is either endowed with or not, and by putting a child in a team sports environment, if there are any tendencies to lead, they will surface automatically.

The physical aspect

Young people need physical activity more so than at any other age, as the growing bones and muscles need constant workouts, if the body is to develop well. Cricket is a physically demanding sport, as there are several playing roles, one might have a spell of bowling, or be a particularly good batter, which is perhaps the most glamorous of cricket’s many positions.

Character building

Playing an essential role in a team sport, gives the individual valuable experience, and forces the player to raise their game, in order to help the team to victory. Understanding the basics of fair play is also important for a young person, and one cannot omit the unpleasant feeling that comes after a defeat. The ability to pick oneself up, and motivate the team to play better next time, is something that comes with real experience, and this has been the focus for many generations, to inspire young players to extend their boundaries.

The right equipment

Cricket is an exciting game, and can be dangerous, if the players are not wearing the correct protective items. Before introducing one’s child to the game, it makes sense to source an established cricket equipment supplier, and Meulemans cricket online store has a wide range of equipment and accessories for all ages and levels, from beginner to professional.

Enjoyable exercise

Cricket is a very addictive game to play, and most young people develop a love for the game very quickly. Perhaps the popularity lies in the all-round abilities need to play well, and the quest for excellence brings a physical well-being, which is important for a growing child. As many Australians can testify, cricket is a unique game, with both teams batting and fielding, and the arena is set for a close match that is sure to get the adrenalin going.