There are many weight loss pills available in the market and each one serves its purpose. Among the many products few tend to get popular and recommend to others based on ones experience. One such product which has gained users positive review is Clenbutetol commonly referred to as Clen. This product is common and most popular in the weight loss category. This product is also claimed to have lesser side effects when compared to other products in this range. This product helps in weight loss on natural ways instead of having effects on growth hormones like steroids. This product is available online in most of the countries and can be purchased without prescription.

Clen and it’s medicinal benefits

Though this product is primarily used for weight loss initially this product was developed for treatment of respiratory problems. Clen is said to have good effect on diseases like asthma and other minor respiratory diseases. This clen when taken in small medicinal dosages tends to clear the breathing problems and promote good health. It is also used as a decongestant. It is also believed that clen was intended for veterinary use and it also provides relief for horses and few other animals from respiratory problems. So if we want to know how this happens, we might notice that clen increases the body energy levels. Increase in energy levels increases the fat burning capacity and provides better blood circulation to heart and lungs. While fat burning capacity helps reducing weight, better blood circulation shows it’s medicinal value. In short terms it can be noticed that clen improves one person’s metabolic rate.

How safe is this

While we claim clen has many medicinal value it should be noticed that these benefits are seen only when taken in prescribed dosages. As this product tends to increase heart blood circulation when dosage is not at controlled levels it might lead to minor issues at initial level. Then the issues increase and may was to severe heart related issues. Normally a person with good health who are ok to take clen starts with minimum dosage of 10mcg per day. Then they gradually increase 10 mcg per day for two weeks. Then the cycle is stopped for two weeks. This period is called as repeating period which is used by the body to absorb the clen effects and get settled. Then again the dosage is started and continued for another two weeks. Maximum dosage varies from person to person based on their goals. This cycle is famously called as two weeks on and off cycle. Most of the men and women can use clen and follow this cycle. Women who are in their pregnancy phase or feeding phase should totally stay away from this product.

Legalities and caution

Though clen can be used for so many benefits, there are so many reported side effects from many part of the country due to improper usage. Though this is a non-steroid product there is a general ban on these range of weight loss pills in many parts of the world. As this product is also intended for veterinary use we may get small dosages of this in shops when shown pet prescription. Healthy usage in prescribed amount will give good results with regard to this product.