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As they say health is wealth, it is a general accepted fact. There are many ways to be fit and fine. In our daily life we are prone to fall sick owing to many causes. Since time immemorial there has been treatment to various diseases but with the advancement in technology we have found new ways to take care of ourselves. There are health care centers all over the world which provide services to people.

Medical Center at South Florida and Miami

Icon Medical Centre provides complete health care in Miami and South Florida. This centre has board certified neurosurgeon, orthopedic surgeon, chiropractors and licensed massage therapists. It assures all kind of facility in treating a person according to his needs.

Working as a pain reliever 

This centre is leading in Miami for treating auto accidents, sports injuries and other physical therapy. It offers chiropractic treatment, neurosurgical and orthopedic consults and physiotherapy. The highly qualified therapists treat extreme cases of back, lower back and neck pain regardless of the cause.

Other treatments offered

There are various treatments offered to patients considering their needs. Electric muscle stimulation, herniated discs, lymphatic drainage massage, neuromuscular reeducation, sciatica, trigger point injections, whiplash etc are few examples of treatments offered.

Therapists and doctors available

The board of professionals consists of

  • Medical director: Board certified emergency physician, Edward Lucas, MD who deals all emergency cases and issues needing urgent attention.
  • Board certified neurosurgeon, Antony J.Hall, MDCN, FACS who takes care of the neurological department and is its head.
  • Physiatrist and Pain management, Osteopathic doctor, Jesse Hatgis, DO who treats pain issues of various kinds.

Other than these there are professionals who together relive any kind of discomfort and pain of patients seeking help from this centre.

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Validation of the centre

The centre received a gold medal from the joint commission signifying their approval. It assured that the doctors and the staff of this clinic is of high quality and thus is dependable for wellness of all kind.

Icon Medical Centre does not only deal with serious health issues but are also offering routine massages and stress relievers to ensure comfort in daily life. A healthy body is where a healthy mind can reside and this is a centre one needs to look for to ensure that.