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The hair transplant procedure is one of the best concerning plastic and cosmetic surgeries that needs an extreme set of artistic precision in order to implant the hair grafts into the recipient bald area of the scalp. The procedure of hair transplant is actually a process of hair root’s shifting that is done in between with the donor area and the recipient area. The hair roots are extracted from the donor part that later transplanted into the receiving portion followed by the dissection of the roots in the view of collecting the live hair follicles/graft.

The procedure involves a dual set of works that are segmented into two categories, i.e., the surgical part as well as the artistic part. The extraction of roots is the surgical job, whereas the remaining parts of the procedure, such as hairline design, slit formation, and implantation of grafts into the bald area of the scalp is all about the artistic part of the surgery.

If a patient is experiencing the hair loss problem, especially the Androgenic alopecia/hereditary baldness affected patient, they headed towards the hair loss clinics to receive the restoration procedure. Previously, the hair transplant cost was an expensive option and the treatment just limited to the creamy layered people, but now everything changed and the treatment of hair loss come up with the option of affordable hair transplant surgeries that made possible by some of the recognized hair transplant surgeons in India. Now, the cities like Delhi and Jaipur become to receive the cosmetic surgeries with the advantages of modest cost and the best Surgeons in India.

How the Cost Factor affects the Restoration Decision can be best understood by the following Points:

The Economic class can avail the Procedure benefits: With the availability of the modest cost plan, the treatment of permanent hair loss has become easier and anyone can take the procedure benefits regardless of their income limits, expenditure capacity as well as the budgetary plan. However, the new era of restoration treatment is more capable and compatible to treat the pattern baldness.

Most of the Surgeries are being done in India: Nowadays, India is becoming a global hub for the hair transplant procedure and the option of medical tourism in India flourishes day-by-day. The increased attraction for Medical tourism in India is owing to the fact of cost-effective treatment along with the expert mind and hand of our pioneer Doctor and surgeons, known for the quality results of the cosmetic surgeries.

Baldness is Not a Devastating case now: Due to easy access to treatment now it is not a serious issue and people enjoying their life with a head full of hair by the hair transplant methods. Around 60% of total world population faces, the hair loss issues and their topmost selected option are India to get the transplant surgeries as the facilities and services of particular cosmetic surgery are available at a very reasonable price as compared to services provided in the Western world countries, such as Europe, America, Australia or UAE.


On the whole, we can say that the procedure of hair transplant in India easily available with the best facilities, care and hygienic concerns that meet the cosmetic goal of the procedure at an easy price and utmost satisfactory rate.