There are so many medical and health myths that exist at the moment, with most of them being much older than what you think. You surely already learned about some of them, like the fact that you need to drink a specific amount of water every single day to be in proper health or having to wear coats during cold days.

While we can easily talk about dozens of medical myths, we will focus solely on those that just do not disappear and that nobody should believe.

Vaccines Cause Flu

As a response to the vaccine the body can end up having a low fever. However, this does not mean the flu shot will cause flus. All doctors will agree that this is just a lie. In the flu shot you take you do have flu viruses but they are dead. Dead viruses will not come to life and cause you to suffer from the flu. At the same time, remember that vaccines do not cause autism. This myth was debunked 10 years ago but there are still rumors that pop up from time to time.

Vaccines Will Always Increase Your Health

There are actually many cases in which the vitamin supplements are ineffectual and dangerous. As an example, it was shown that some of the older women taking calcium supplements have a much higher possibility of ending up with dementia. You should always be sure that dosage is properly respected and that you do not take too many vitamins or the opposite of what you imagine may happen.

Cannabis Makes You Addicted To Stronger Drugs

This is one of the most common mentioned reasons why you should not use medical cannabis but the truth is there is no scientific evidence that this is the case, according to experienced MJ Freeway Cannabis consultants. While medical marijuana and cannabis use is obviously highly controversial, you need to listen do your doctor in order to make the best possible health choices. Sometimes, if possible, using medical cannabis is beneficial.

We Just Use Our Brains At 10% Strength

Numerous self-help gurus and motivational speakers kept using this in the past but the truth is that this is not actually the case. Scientists are now easily looking at our brains and measure true activity. There are no big dormant areas that exist. The idea is that we tend to think that we did not reach the full potential we have but this is not because we just use a percentage of our brain.

Gum Stays In Your Stomach For Seven Years

Many ingredients we see in chewing gum are not digestible. However, this does not mean they remain inside us for years. Most of what is eaten is not digestible. This does include fiber. Our digestive system is much more complex than what we believe. What it does not absorb will simply be moved along. Those ingredients that are not digested from chewing gum are just eliminated from our body. Nothing just stays in, as some people think.