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When looking around for a new dentist, or when sitting in your current dentist’s office, you may have heard about Same Day Dentistry. As you’re sitting there you might think “Isn’t all dentistry the same day? Is my cleaning going to take more than one visit?” Well, first of all, yes, your cleaning will only take one day. But the term Same Day Dentistry refers to something else, and we know it’s is a little confusing.So, to help you out, here is everything that you need to know about Same Day Dentistry, including whether it’s something you need.

What Is Same Day Dentistry?

Same Day Dentistry refers to the process of restoring a tooth. Sometimes we have teeth that need repairing – maybe they’re chipped, yellowed, or stubbornly stained. You can check out these benefits of whitening treatment for some examples.

In traditional dentistry, this is a two-appointment process. In this first day, you would come in and be fitted for the tooth, then provided a temporary tooth. On the second visit, sometimes weeks later, you would be given your new tooth. With same day dentistry, this entire process is done within the same day, often within the same appointment.

Why You Might Want Same Day Dentistry

There are two major benefits to going with Same Day Dentistry. For starters, it saves you time. We’re all busy people, and don’t want to spend more time at the dentist’s office than we have to. If you can get something done in one day rather than two separate, wouldn’t that be preferred? Same Day Dentistry allows you to do that.

The second benefit is comfort. With traditional dentistry you would have to wear a temporary for weeks at a time, which can often be uncomfortable. You would rather have a restoration that is perfect for your mouth, so that you are more comfortable with both the feel and the look.

How Does Same Day Dentistry Work?

First, your dentist will take a scan of your mouth, focusing on the tooth that they will be restoring. Once that is complete, they will use the information to virtually create a new tooth on the computer. This information is then sent to a type of printer, which will output the restoration. With your new tooth milled, the dentist will then take time to adjust the restoration to your mouth and make any changes regarding color or polish to make sure it blends in with your other teeth. This entire process is quick and easy, and finished in one day.

Where to Find Same Day Dentistry

More and more places are starting to offer Same Day Dentistry. The first thing you should do is talk to your current dentist and see if this is something they offer. If not, ask if they have any plans to eventually add this service.

If your current dentist doesn’t offer this service, and you’d like to get it, you’ll have to search around for another place. Work with your insurance provider to see which places take your insurance or do a search online for places with Same Day Dentistry. More than likely you’ll be able to find something in your area.

How Much Does Same Day Dentistry Cost?

Finally, you’re probably wondering about costs. This, unfortunately, will vary from person to person and from tooth to tooth. How much it ultimately costs will depend on things like how many teeth you are restoring, what sort of materials you’re using, and more. You also need to account for things like X-rays and other materials needed to complete the job.

For some people, insurance will help cover the costs of Same Day Dentistry, but this is not always the case. You should review your plan and talk with your provider to see how much, if any, your plan will cover.

The good news is that Same Day Dentistry typically costs less than traditional dentistry. This is because since you’re only going on one day, the dentist’s office doesn’t have to spend more money on things like doctors’ fees and medical supplies.

Lookinginto Same Day Dentistry

No matter how much we may try to protect our teeth, sometimes things happen, and you need some work. But just because you need a little work done on your teeth doesn’t mean you need to give up a large chunk of your time. With Same Day Dentistry you can get a procedure that used to take multiple visits done in only one.

Hopefully this quick guide was able to shed some light on what Same Day Dentistry is, and whether you need it. We know it can be a somewhat confusing term, but once you understand the purpose of it, you’ll know when you need it.