In Asia, tooth whitening has also become a fashion trend. According to the news published by the famous Japanese fashion magazine, teeth has become one of the criteria for measuring beauty. In Korea, the aesthetic dentistry and aesthetics have gradually received increasing attention, and “artistic dentistry” and “smile centers” have been seen nearly everywhere. This all point to a significant fact: more and more people are beginning to realize that oral care and tooth whitening have gradually become a fashionable and healthy lifestyle. Just like skin care and fitness, they can enhance their image and beauty. Similarly, for men, long-term smoking also stains their teeth with smoke, and handsomeness is also greatly reduced.Authorities have conducted a tooth whitening survey on office workers over the age of 20 in the United States and found that 81% of officers want to have white teeth and 39% of them think their teeth are not white enough. Before you do something to make your teeth beautiful, you need to take care of your teeth first!

There are some tips for your teeth health in your daily life:

  1. Brush your teeth on time. Especially at night,you should pay more attention to take care your teeth, because after a day food residue is not cleaned up well,our mouth is inactive for a long time when we fall asleep, then saliva is not basically secreted, and also the oral cavity is not well protected. Second, the correct way to brushing your teeth is crucial as well, and ensuring the brushing time (more than 3 minutes) is one of important point of them.
  2. Use dental floss regularly. The role of dental floss is mainly to clean the teeth. The plaque that accumulates in the teeth cannot be removed by brushing completely. At this time, the dental floss is working. Some people think that flossing is cumbersome and inconvenient. In fact, using dental floss is a simple matter after you practice.
  3. Clean your teeth regularly. Tooth cleaning is using the principle of ultrasonic oscillationto remove the most of the calculus attached to the gums and teeth. Although there will be a tingling and sore feeling when you wash your teeth, washing your teeth will not harm your teeth and gums. If you have the good habit of brushing and flossing every day, it is usually sufficient to wash your teeth once every six months. If tooth cleaning is done well, dental calculus is rare or absent. After being diagnosed by a dentist, it may not be necessary to wash your teeth. You only need to check the condition of your teeth on time.