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One of the biggest problem-causers for teeth issues is mouth breathing. This is a seriously bad habit to get into, causing a whole range of problems, from discoloured, decaying teeth, to long-term problems. Fortunately, there are dentists Melbourne out there that can help.

Yellow Teeth

One of the big problems with mouth breathing is the way it dries the mouth, allowing germs and bacteria to collect on the surface of the teeth, which isn’t good at all.

Mouth breathing and the subsequent drying stops your mouth from properly regulating and cleaning itself, meaning you get yellowing teeth, as well as bad breath, no matter how much you brush your teeth. It can lead to bigger problems. Veneers Melbourne can be a neat solution to yellow teeth.

Teeth Decay

Such as tooth decay! That’s right, constant mouth breathing can actually cause tooth decay to start in your teeth. That’s bad news for anyone who hates visiting the dentist regularly. This once again comes from the simple drying of the mouth caused by the constant flow of air over the surface of the teeth. This can necessitate dental crowns Melbourne, long term.

Sleep Apnoea and Bad Sleep

Not only can mouth breathing actually damage and spoil your teeth, but it can impair one of the most essential elements of leading a healthy life; quality sleep. Sleep is nature’s healer, and the time when our bodies really repair themselves, get stronger and recover.

If you’re having constantly impaired, shallow sleep because of mouth breathing, that’s something you need to work on, because beyond simply feeling tired more often, lack of quality sleep can have all sorts of knock-on effects.

Impaired Speech

For children, mouth breathing can become a habit, but its best dealt with quickly because it can actually impact speech. Having your mouth constantly open and breathing through it can lead to slurring and other speech impediments, which if left unattended can continue to adulthood.

Long-Term Negative Impact

As I mentioned, mouth breathing problems aren’t contained to the short-term, they can have a range of on-going problems that can continue to late in life, necessitating a range of dental treatments all through later life. That doesn’t have to be the case though.

The Solution!

Learn as a kid not to mouth breathe. This is always going to be the best solution. As soon as you spot your child breathing through their mouth not their nose, check for medical issues, and if you find none, let them know it’s a bad habit that they shouldn’t get into.

Medical problems are a cause of mouth breathing, whether that’s a misaligned jaw, or an impaired nose, for some, natural nose breathing doesn’t come easy. That means a visit to your doctor to see what they can do for your problem, or going to the best dentist in Melbourne to see about getting your jaw realigned.

Once you’ve dealt with the cause, it’s time to deal with the lasting symptoms. Go see a cosmetic dentist Melbourne to get your teeth looking healthy, strong and youthful again.