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It used to be that genetic testing was something from science fiction books or FBI testing.  Even a few years ago, when DNA testing was becoming more prevalent and technology was making it more accessible, the price and difficulty obtaining a test kept most people from considering it as more than a passing fancy.

With technology today making so much information not only possible, but cheaper and more easily accessible, there are now do it yourself paternity kits that you can have done in the comfort of your own living room.

Since there are so many DNA kits coming out of the woodwork, it is important to know what to watch for to be sure you are getting the home paternity kit that is right for what you need.

Security and Privacy Measures

As with anything that you order through the mail or online, there is a chance that your information may fall into someone else’s hands.  Generally, although the kit testing is performed at your home, the information garnered from the test is given to you through digital service providers, where it is also stored.

Verify the security of your paternity kit results with the company you order from and do some research to make sure you have a reputable DNA testing business providing your results.

Check the Methods Used

Many home paternity test kits are non-invasive, requiring a simple swab of your saliva to determine your DNA Weekly and ancestry results.

Other kits may be more invasive, needing blood samples.  These types of kits are less geared to paternity and ancestry and more geared towards checking to see what is going on in your body and how your health is faring.

Determine what you want your end result to be before deciding which type of DNA kit you want to order.

Price Tags and Extra Fees

Because there are so many companies that offer this service now, rates tend to be pretty competitive.  Shop around and be sure that you are getting a good rate for the same product.  You may pay a little more for the name, but that usually means it’s a reputable company where you will get accurate results.

Also, be alert for extra fees.  Do they charge you more for a detailed analysis?  What exactly comes with the rate that you pay?  Check with a few different companies to be certain that what you are getting is the normal fare for the price.

DNA Testing Can Answer Your Burning Questions

Questions of who your ancestors are and where they came from, answers to heredity concerns and health issues, or even just knowing your genetic markers when you are adopted can all be obtained from a home paternity DNA test.  Paternity tests are also often used to solve concerns of parental rights in court situations.

If you are simply curious about your ancestry or you need to know what kind of health issues run in your genetics, a do-it-yourself DNA genetics testing kit may be right for you.