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Dr. Victoria J Mondloch is an inspiration for a great number of women here in Waukesha, Wisconsin and throughout her career she has dedicated herself to the improvement and the development of women’s health. For someone like me who grew up here in Waukesha and had a passion for medicine, Victoria Mondloch very quickly became a role model of mine. Some doctors will of course work hard in their specialization but what Victoria J Mondloch has done for women’s health has gone above and beyond what her responsibilities are, and here is how she has gone about it.


From the moment that she had to select a specialization within medicine Victoria Mondloch knew that women’s health would be her first choice, and this was why she got into the industry in the first place. Over the years she would add to her specialization and she currently presides over obstetrics and gynecology. In her day job alone she has been prominent in helping thousands of women with a range of issues.


Not content with simply being another doctor, Victoria was always ambitious and wanted to use her skills to teach and to help others. It is this ambition which gained her a position on the local board here in Waukesha and she is now in a position where she can directly implement positive changes within the hospital. Of course her focus is still very much on women’s health which is why her position is so special, as she can now directly influence it.


Victoria Mondloch is not only a fantastic doctor and board member but she has also tried to reach out to the larger medical community about the issues which she is so passionate about. She is a regular speaker in universities across Wisconsin and enjoy speaking with new medical students about the plight of women’s health. Beyond this she is also a regular contributor to a medical journal which is read at a national level, in order to help push the message out there about women’s health and how we can make positive changes.


Here in Waukesha, Wisconsin we have some brilliant community-backed campaigns which run a number of screening programs throughout the area. What this means is that women can go to one of the pop-up centers and be screened for issues like breast cancer and ovarian cancer, providing a key service to the community. At the head of all of these community-based programs which help so many is Dr. Victoria J Mondloch who works with a number of private organizations in helping to organize the roll out of these campaigns and makes sure that they are backed by the local hospital network, and that they offer the very best care to members of the public.

As you can see this is a woman who has constantly strived to promote women’s health and has had much success in doing so.