One of the main components of your vape is the e-juice or e-liquid. This is where you will get the vapor from, and where the nicotine in your vapor is mixed in. While there are some enthusiasts who try to create their own blends, you can readily find a huge number of juices to pick from online and in vape stores near you.

There have been rumors that state these juices can come with a variety of harmful chemicals, and that these are sometimes made with ingredients that help keep these from freezing in cold weather, or whatnot. If you buy your e-juices from reputable and well-known vendors, then you can be certain that these do not contain any of those mystery ingredients people claim these carry. If the e-juice vendor you are buying from does not list the ingredients of the liquid on the label, it is safe to say that you should not continue with such a purchase.

Almost all e-cig liquids are made out of three key ingredients, propylene glycol (PG) or vegetable glycerin (VG), non-oil based food grade flavors, and nicotine. PG or VG are considered generally safe by the FDA, and are the suspension liquids that are used to carry the flavorings and nicotine of your e-cig. PG is a thin substance that produces less vapor, but can cause allergic reactions, while VG is hypoallergenic, but is thick and produces more vapor.

The flavorings that you will find being mixed into your e-juices are usually non-oil based, but there are some juice makers who do add some oil-based flavors into their juices. This is either because they cannot find non-oil based versions of these flavors, or they believe that there is too little of it anyway to actually cause anyone any harm. If you are unsure whether or not the juice you are thinking of buying has these oil-based flavors in them, or your vendor won’t assure of it, better think twice before buying.

As for the nicotine in your liquids, you should take note of the amount of nicotine that is in your juice. Some have as little as 0mg of nicotine in them (this is for those people who simply want the flavor but not the kick of vaping), and some have as high as 32mg of this substance in them. These should be on the label of your e-cig juice, and this means that each ml of your juice contains the specified amount in mg of nicotine on the label.

In choosing a liquid, the amount of nicotine should be one of the things you check before buying. If you are trying to quit smoking, you can go for a higher nicotine content for a few months (24mg is a good start), then slowly move your way down the ladder with 18mg, then 12 mg, and finally down to 0mg. If you want a little nicotine to remain in your vape, then a very low 6mg can be your choice.

Now, there are some manufacturers of e-cigarette liquids that add ingredients that are said to enhance the flavor of these juices. When you see these ingredients – acetyl propionyl, acetoin, and diacetyl – better leave these on the shelf and find other vendors that do not use these in their juices. These are said to cause a problem called “popcorn lung”, and should be avoided at all costs.