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Winstrol is a popular and safe synthetic anabolic androgenic steroid which is suitable for both men and women. It is used by professional athletes and bodybuilders to sculpt their physique and give it a perfect shape. Winny as it is popularly known as actually refers to the hormone Stanozololwhich is derived from dihydrotestosterone. Selection of the total tenure of the cycle actually depends on individual preference. Here cycle refers to the period when the sportsperson is on the steroid and this cycle can be of weeks or months. This drug is normally popular amongst sprinters, throwers and jumpers.

Ideal dosage

Before you decide to start with the drug, one vital point you should be aware of is, most of the anabolic steroids causes virilization effects in women. This means women on taking this drug tend to develop the physical characteristics of men. But this situation can be avoided by respecting dosage instructions provided by your physician. If you follow the low doses of Winstrol for a shorter period of time, any such negative effects can be avoided. Ideally, women should never exceed a dosage of 10mg per day. A cycle of 4 weeks is advised for the female beginners. In this phase, they should take the drug every 2 days for the first week, then keep increasing it to 10mg per day. Men can initially start with a dose of 50mg and can increase it by 10mg daily for a period of 8 weeks maximum. Be it men or women in both cases, increasing the dosage above the mentioned limit can cause serious health injury. It has been observed that men athletes prefer the injectable form of the steroid while their female counterpart prefers the oral tablets.

The positive effects

On taking the steroid properly i.e. by following the prescribed dosage and a proper schedule, you can gain a lot of benefits. It helps to boost the metabolic rate of the body and maintain your body’s strength. You can also acquire a tough and attractive physique which you can flaunt off. It is also known to increase the nitrogen retention capacity of your body and boost the process of protein synthesis. The steroid strengthens your tendons and ligaments. Winstrol boosts your overall stamina, strength and is safe on your liver. You can even use this drug for treating anemic conditions. Winny is an effective weight loss product. Its water-based composition makes it safe for daily usage.

Stacking with other steroids

Avoiding the side effects associated with Winstrol is possible only by respecting dosage instructions diligently. Intake of a prescribed low dose is an ideal way of dealing with its side effects. Stacking Winny with other anabolic steroids is another great way to check the side effects. It is not that always one would suffer from its side effects, actually,it varies from one individual to another. But you should be aware of the possible side effects to help you monitor and check the dosage on time and shift to a minimum dose. Some of the common side effects include difficulty in sleeping, changes in the bowel movement, nausea, hair loss and also acne.