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Getting old is something we all have to go through. Some dread it while others welcome it even, but the truth remains that it is happening eventually. In this respect, many people fear old age because it will cut them off from what they love: sports.  For most sports, it doesn’t have to be old age, but just slightly over 30. These sports require a high level of physical effort and after a point, the human body just can’t pump out that kind of efficiency. If you’re feeling old, worn or withered, you are probably in the right to set up a meeting with your healthcare provider. However, as far as sports are concerned, there are plenty of physical activities that don’t care about age and that get you stronger to avoid having to deal even with Philadelphia medical malpractice as your recovery when injured is fast and potential injuries are limited. Here are some of the best solutions for playing sports when going all out isn’t an option anymore.


Gold is considered a fancy sport in many circles. Some find it relaxing while other find it a bit frustrating actually, but that’s mostly dependant on the player’s character. That being said, gold is a sport that doesn’t require a lot of running, jumping or lunging. Regardless of age, golf is a game that anyone can enjoy. A lot of people spend their free time playing golf and even though there’s no running, there can be quite a bit of walking involved, even with the caddie.


Tennis is another great sport that can be played regardless of age. Of course, the younger the better,  as the rhythm and intensity of matches will scale down quite a bit depending on how many candles on the next birthday cake you’re expecting. However, just because you won’t win the U.S. Open doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy yourself and get a great workout out of it as well.


One of the things old age is associated with most is losing flexibility and the ability to bend or stretch very well. That doesn’t have to be the case. In fact, it’s not all age related but age does indeed contribute a lot. Mostly sedentary life is the cause of this, as very young people can find themselves unable to bend or stretch either. Practicing yoga can change that and bring tremendous benefits to the human body. A number of things from blood circulation to muscle relaxing and bone alignment can be addressed through yoga, making it a great form of both treatment and physical exercise at the same time.

Riding a bike

Riding a bike doesn’t sound like much of a sport but that’s probably because you’re doing it wrong. It’s the kind of workout that allows us to set the difficulty level to our liking. Too hard? Take it easy. To easy? Go up a hill at full speed. After some training, you might even copy some fancy tricks pro cyclers do on YouTube.