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Chances are that you have experimented at least once with an electronic cigarette in your life. We are sure that you enjoyed the experience, especially when compared to using traditional cigarettes. Of course, there are some people who may not have liked it. However, many people love using e-cigarettes as they are currently trendy.

In the event that you have used an e-cigarette before or are planning to do so soon, have you ever considered how they work? That is what this article is all about. We will dive into the world of e-cigarettes and understand everything there is to be understood.

An e-cigarette generally has three main components or parts. These three parts are the tank, battery, and the atomizer. All these components are available in various sizes and types depending on the brand of the e-cigarette you have.

It is also common to find two of these components, or even all the three, combined into a single component. However, for your e-cigarette unit to work, all the components must be joined together.

  1.   The battery

The battery is the powerhouse of the whole unit. It provides the much-needed electrical power to make the whole thing operational. Owing to the fact that e-cigs normally drain so much electricity, they need better batteries for support. This is why almost all e-cigarette batteries are either lithium polymer or lithium ion batteries which can store a lot of energy in a very small space.

There are small vapes that resemble traditional cigarettes or the pen style models that have inbuilt batteries. This basically means that after the battery wears out (300 charge cycles) then you will need to get rid of the whole device and get another one.

The larger e-cigarettes, also called “mods”, also feature inbuilt batteries. Such batteries are normally bigger and will store a lot of energy for a long time. These batteries normally stand the test of time and will rarely wear out.

The majority of e-cigarettes, however, use removable batteries which come in different sizes. The most common size, however, is the 18650 size. It is advantageous to have removable batteries, though. However, the most obvious one is the ability to replace a worn-out battery and continue vaping.

Well-known e-cigarette dealers like will obviously have better batteries that you can buy to add to your already existing battery collection.

  1.   The tank

All e-cigarettes have tanks for storing the e-liquid to be fed to the wick. E-liquid tanks need to be effective and offer the best services. A good tank should be able to let in air while not allowing the liquid to flow out. This is something that designers have really been struggling to achieve.

Tanks normally have the coil located above the tanks while the wick is allowed to hang down into the e-juice. Other types of tanks have the coil located at the base of the tank which are then surrounded by a chimney that leads the vapor to the mouthpiece.

  1.   The Atomizer

The dense vapor you see is produced by a metal strip or coil of wire which is then wrapped around a wick. The wicks are normally made of ceramic, steel mesh, silica and even cotton in the modern models. The atomizer could be considered the simplest part of the e-cigarette. The wick is tasked with carrying liquid to the coil which then gets heated by the battery and is vaporized in the process.

This is how it all works

A ready to use e-cigarette should have a charged battery, a juice tank which is fully put together with a coil. On pressing the button, the battery feeds power to the coil. The coil is made up of thin metal and will, therefore, heat up faster while heating the e-liquid in contact with it too. After a short time, the coil will be surrounded with a dense cloud of vapor.

The moment you take a puff, air will be drawn in over the coil through the air holes. This process will pull the vapor all the way to the mouthpiece while allowing more e-liquid to vaporize. The coil will continue creating more vapor as long as the airflow does not stop.