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There was a time when male grooming was mostly taking a shower and having a shave. Real men didn’t use moisturizer or exfoliate. That was strictly for women. In recent years, however, there has been a paradigm shift in the perception of men’s grooming. It is not embarrassing for men to buy male grooming products and top beauty brands are now on board with the notion that men want to look good too.

We are still a long way from male nail bars and spa days for men, but men now have their own beauty products and as many exasperated women will attest, men often spend more time in the bathroom than their female partners!Not all men are into male grooming, so if your man thinks moisturizer is for wimps, read on for some tips on how to change his mind.

Don’t be a Nag

Men are very resistant to nagging, so you need to be diplomatic about how you approach the matter. A full-frontal attack is unlikely to yield positive results, so tread very carefully.  Think about what exactly you want to change and start a conversation about it.

Skin Care

Many men avoid skin care because they think it takes too much time. They assume their skin is rough, tough, and resistant to the effects of sun, pollution, and aging. Men’s skin is tougher than female skin, but men still need to take care of their complexion.

Tell your guy that his face is gorgeous but you are concerned he isn’t looking after his skin. Remind him skincare doesn’t need to take long and if he uses the right products, his skin will feel soft and fresh – and far more kissable. The thought of extra kisses is bound to catch his attention.

Buy your man some skincare products made especially for men. Many brands such as Botanics have their own ranges, so look for a few easy-to-use face washes, moisturizers, and exfoliating body scrubs. Encourage him to use a face wash product instead of plain water. Once he has had a shave (if applicable), suggest he uses a moisturizer with SPF to protect his face from the sun.

To make it easier to digest, tell your man skin care is like car maintenance: for best results, he needs to stick to a schedule. Most men get it when you phrase it in these terms.

Hair Care

Hair needs attention too. Tell your man he looks sexy with well-groomed hair. Buy him some nice haircare products and suggest he gives them a go. If his hair is a bit thin on top, let him try a hair rejuvenating shampoo. This could boost hair volume and restore his confidence, but don’t make a big issue out of hair loss.

Try to make grooming a mutual activity. If your man is open to new ideas, suggest you both slap on a facemask while you watch a DVD together, but don’t take a photo of him and post it on social media, or it could backfire.