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There are plenty of people who rate their score pretty low on the happiness measurement scale, as concerns and frustrations over everything from money and employment, to relationships and future prospects, loom large. While some of the contributory factors to such results are related to serious issues individuals have limited control over, there are plenty of simple things anyone can do to improve their emotional and physical health.

Ready to Commit?

Opting into this challenge involves being exposed to an eye-opening and life-expanding journey, with the long term goal being a more healthful lifestyle.  However, as it takes around 66 days for a behavior to become automatic be prepared to live with those sticky-note or smartphone reminders for a couple of months. After all, the health benefits are definitely worth it.

Habit 1 – Learn How to Breathe

Breathing is fundamental to sustained life, yet it’s often taken for granted. Outside of meditation or yoga classes, few people give it much thought, which is a pity as learning to breathe properly can transform the way you feel about and approach life.  Imagine being able to unleash inner peace, creativity, calmness and positive thinking simply by doing what comes naturally in a meaningful way?

There are plenty of free online video tutorials available to guide anyone interested in exploring the health benefits of controlled breathing; or for those who refer to learn in person, there should be yoga or meditation guides around who explicitly teach the techniques in their classes.

Habit 2 – Nourish Your Body Inside and Out

Sometimes there can be an imbalance between the time and effort  spent on taking care of external body elements – for example by following a dedicated skin and hair care routine or booking in for regular manicures –  compared to the focus our internal body receives in the form of healthful, nutrient rich food and liquids. Ironically, a balanced and natural diet actually helps promote healthy skin, hair and nails alongside renewing and repairing cells and providing vital energy sources.

The easiest and most trustworthy way to buy food that is totally healthful is to shop at a health food store. This means you can safely buy everything from produce and ice-cream to meat and fish with the confidence it is all free from additives, sweeteners, hormones and all other unnecessary and health draining ingredients.

Habit 3 – Set Goals

The trick to making changes is to break down goals into bite size pieces. It’s fine to want to be richer, but a 2 year plan with monthly, weekly, daily and even hourly targets is the way to make it happen. Whether your ambitions relate to weight, fitness, money, work or pretty much anything else is not important – the key is to set yourself up to achieve and build on each new success to reach the next mini-target.

These three simple, yet effective, lifestyle habits should help improve both health and happiness, so be sure to enjoy both the journey and the destination.