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It’s important that you take care of your health because you only have one body and one time on this Earth. You don’t want to spend most of it burdened by pain, bound to a bed, or sitting on the wayside because of damage you could have prevented. These problems aren’t always our fault but a good amount happens because we’re naive and stubborn.

We have a habit of reacting to a problem versus acting to preventing them.

We like to think that most of the danger comes when we leave the home. Whether it’s exposure to the elements, being attacked, accidents, and the like. We bear through it because we can’t stay cooped up inside all day. We feel comfortable at home because it’s our safe spot.

But is it?

The home has quite a few dangers lurking in the walls, within our cabinets, on our furniture, in the food we eat, and the decorations we keep.

Here are five of those dangers that could be serious to your health.

Unused Prescriptions

Thousands of people die each year because of accidentally taking the wrong medications. This happens through a mixture of failure points such as a wrong diagnosis from a doctor, wrong filling from the pharmacist, or user error by mixing the wrong medications.

There are indicators stamped on the side of the pill which could save your life if you take the time to use a pill identifier to correctly understand what you’re taking. A rogue pill may have been mixed with other medications so be on the lookout!

Expired Products

We have the tendency to forget or have a temporary lapse in judgment.

Especially when it comes to our food.

Some expired food won’t harm you due to pickling or the nature of the food. Yet, expired food can be extremely dangerous because of bacteria, mold, and other pathogens that may form after the expiration date. It’s easy to dig through the pantry or fridge and assume it’s still good… until the trouble starts.

Food poisoning can go from mild to deadly. The rapid dehydration from vomiting and diarrhea can destroy the body and make the mind loopy. It can be fatal if you don’t seek medical attention when the symptoms worsen. So be on the lookout and check those dates!


Not just mice but the little ones like dust mites, spiders, and termites.

These critters carry several diseases that can wreak havoc on our immune and nervous systems.

For example:

·  Fleas cause Trench fever, relapsing fever, and forms of typhus

·  Ticks carry Lyme disease

·  Flies (horse flies, black flies, etc) can transmit onchocerciasis

Let’s not forget the pain that comes from a spider bite or the internal damage to the home due to termites which could have the place collapsing around you.

Do yourself a favor and have a pest control professional come through and do an assessment. Pay the money and rid your home of these pests because the last thing you want is to go down because you were bitten in the middle of the night.

The number of dangers lurking in your home is staggering once you realize they’re there. Yet, at least we know now. We can prevent these problems before they lead to prolonged damage. We’re able to take control of our health and the well-being of our lives.

What type of dangers have you found around the home that caught you completely off guard?