Hydrations station at home? Yeah, you heard (sorry read) right. Many of us are accustomed to having these stations at public place like schools or along marathon or cross country race routes. While this is largely true, there is no reason why the idea behind this cannot be replicated in the home or even office.

By the way, this is very different from the infrared sauna pod kind of hydration station that spa services use. We will explain it in more detail below.

What is a Home Hydration Station?

So what do we mean by a home hydration station? We are simply talking about a place where anyone in your home can easily go to access safe water for drinking. This is especially very important during summer when temperatures can rise dramatically.

It is also critical for those who own home gyms. You will be shocked at how much fluids can be lost during these hot months. Considering the harm that dehydration can cause, more care has to be taken during these hot days.

Interestingly, you can actually be thirsty and need to replenish lost fluids and not really know. It gets even worse when you are really busy and don’t know you are thirsty and also don’t have any water source around you to remind you. You may want to learn more about dehydration here.

Benefits of a Hydration Station

There are a number of benefits that having hydration stations around your home will offer you. Let’s look at a few of these.

Easy Access to Safe Drinking Water

This provides a point or points where drinking water can be accessed easily. You do not have to walk to the kitchen from wherever you are to get water. It is also very helpful at those moments when you are too busy to go get a drink or you are not even aware of the thirst. Simply seeing a hydrate station can remind you that you need to drink.

Encourages Healthy Habits

A lot of people reach for a soda or other carbonated and sweetened drinks when they are thirsty. This of course is not very healthy. With easy to access safe water points around your house, you can encourage your children and yourself to form the good habit of drinking more of water than fizzy drinks.

Reduces Water Related Contamination

Some people can get so thirsty that they are not overly concerned about the kind of liquid they drink. This is especially true for your kids. They could just as easily drink from the tap as from the little pool outside. With safe water points around the home, you reduce instances of unsafe water consumption.

Cuts Down on Water Wastage

Have you seen children and even some adults drinking from a faucet? Aside from the health implications of drinking directly from most taps, there is also a lot of attendant waste as water runs freely while they attempt to scoop some into their mouth. A well design hydration station will reduce this drastically.

Makes the Environment Safer

You know that those bottled water containers can pile up and become a problem for the environment right? As a responsible person, you are likely going to make some extra effort to ensure they are properly disposed of for recycling. You however do not have to worry about this when you use hydrate stations in your home.

How to Setup Hydration Stations in Your Home

There are two ways to approach this. There is the DIY way and there is the professional and more expensive route. You can purchase the kind of hydration stations that are installed in schools and other public places and have them installed in your home. At the very minimum, purchasing one of these will cost several hundreds of dollars and a lot more for higher-end models. This is certainly not something that most homes can afford. This of course is outside of the cost of installation.

A second and a lot cheaper alternative is the use of water filter pitchers. A water filter pitcher will offer portability and safe drinking water since it will purify the liquid prior to making it available for drinking.

Additionally, with these pitchers costing anywhere from less than $20 to less than $40, you can afford to set a number of these stations up in different areas of your home. All you need is a solid surface on which to place the pitcher and some clean cups. You can actually use disposable cups for better management.

It’s as simple as this and you have hydration stations all around your home. You will stay hydrated as will every other member of your household.


Staying hydrated is something every home must take seriously. The summer days are here and we are already experiencing heat waves in some states. It is during times like these that the worst of dehydration is usually seen. Do not let this happen to you or anyone in your home.

Just setup hydrations stations.