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Each one of us would have a guardian who would be facing pain in some of their body parts. Be it your mother, father or grandparents almost everyone experiences pain in one of their body parts when they pass their forties.

There are different types of pains that cannot be listed down over here but can be treated in simple ways. Whether it is a leg pain or back pain everything can be treated with the help of exercises. Most of our parents hate exercising and would never agree to go for a walk in the morning because of laziness. However, exercising at home can also help to change your body and can do wonders for your health. Therefore here we have explained some simple everyday exercises that can treat minor pains of your body.

  • Stretch Your Body

There are different types of stretch poses to improve the mobility of your spine. Just lay down on the floor and rotate your legs to and fro until a stretch is felt. You can also try the child pose where your arms are reaching the floor while you are sitting back with your hips. You can also sit and stretch your leg one by one and stretch them until it is felt. This is quite easy to do and people of all ages can perform this exercise easily. It tightens your legs and helps with lifting activities.

  • Walk Around your House

Have you ever kept a record of how many steps do you take daily? In this modern era, almost everyone carries a smartphone and most of them can keep a record of steps you make daily. Walking has tremendous benefits that can bring positive changes in your body. it is not important that you are walking in a park or a garden if you have a busy schedule then you can walk in your house or avoid taking lifts and go by stair. Avoid taking transportation everywhere and make a habit of walking towards places that are within your reach. Walking will strengthen your bones and will make you fit and healthy.

  • Wall Sit

This is one of the easiest and effective exercises you should try for treating your lower back pain. Slide your back to the wall and sit until your knees are bent in the position as you sit on a chair. Hold this position till the count of 10 and then slide your back up and repeat this for 8-10 times a day. This gives amazing results for back pain relief.

We all take out time for beautifying ourselves and spend loads on beauty products but never think about our joints and ligaments. Whether it is a car accident or an inner injury that is irritating you. Try out these simple exercises at home and you will notice a difference in your body after a time being. Give yourself some time and exercise for your better health. It will not cost a penny instead; it will save you money and provide you with amazing results.