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Laser hair removal is a great solution for people who want to get their hair removed permanently. Lasers are used to stop hair follicles from growing new strands of hair. It is sometimes considered as a permanent solution; however, it is not like that the hair stops growing for a person’s whole life. Realistically, it slows down hair growth, with clients needing multiple laser hair removal treatment sessions after the first one when the hair starts to grow back again. People who have undergone this treatment regard it as safe, with no long term side effects and risks. However, it all varies from client to client. Some people may experience little to no side effects while some might develop rashes, skin itching or any other related skin conditions. It also depends on the client’s skin type. If someone has sensitive skin, they are prone to having side effects. Usually, when the procedure is done, whatever your skin type may be, the area where the treatment is applied remains red and tender. Many people like sunburn describe this sensation. This effect may last for a couple and get back to normal over time. Today we are going to share with you some side effects and benefits of laser hair removal to help you understand if it considered safe for you. These side effects and benefits are listed as follows;

Irritation And Redness

When a laser is applied to hair the follicles, it damages the follicles. Some people may experience the development of a rash which will lead to redness and itching in the affected area. The skin may also appear slightly swelled and tender and might tingle for a few days. These symptoms usually wear off after a couple of days. The area of the skin where the laser treatments had been done, may seem like hair has been waxed from it. To reduce swelling and redness, the use of an icepack is usually prescribed.


Some people may experience some form of crusting to the area of the skin where the laser treatment has been done. However, this is shortlived, but it can be a nuisance. Crusting can cause scabbing or scarring if not properly looked after. The use of a moisturizer is prescribed to reduce dryness in the affected area.

Skin Color Changes

The area of the skin where the treatment has been performed might appear darker when compared to other areas. People who have light-coloured skin may experience this issue more than people with darker skin colour. However, this issue is temporary, and the skin becomes normal after a couple of days following the treatment.

Potential Eye Injuries

During laser hair removal, a powerful laser is used, and this may cause accidental injury to the eyes, especially when the dermatologist is removing hair from your face. It is advised that both the client and the dermatologist wear a pair of safety goggles to help avoid any type of injury to the eye. The laser= used in this procedure is very powerful and may cause permanent blindness if it comes in contact with the eye.

Skin Infection

There is always a chance of an infection as the laser is damaging the hair follicles of a person’s skin. The treated area of the body should be looked after just like a wound and special care should be taken. If someone experiences any signs of discomfort, pain or an infection, they should report it to their doctor ASAP. Also, the use of over the counter antibiotics cream is not allowed on larger affected areas of the skin. The help of a doctor should be the priority if any issue like this arises after the procedure. 

Blisters And Burns

Due to the high intensity of the laser being used, a person might experience light burns and sometimes blisters. However, this is a rare anomaly. The dermatologist uses high heat lasers and applies a cooling agent to the skin before even starting the procedure. This helps in avoiding the area from getting burnt or blistered. The best idea to avoid this would be to go for a dermatologist who is experienced in this line of work, as this is all dependent on human error. Go for the best doctor available if you can afford it.


Scarring does not typically occur after a hair removal treatment, but, if the dermatologist makes an error, it can be an issue. Usually, good dermatologists are well trained and do not let this happen. They know what they are doing, as it is their job. Scars can also occur if the person does not take care of the affected area. A good idea would be to keep the area of the skin that has seen the procedure well moisturized and away from direct sunlight for a few days. If they look after it correctly, no type of scarring will occur.

These were some of the side effects of laser hair removal treatment. Now we are going to look at some of the benefits. These benefits are listed as follows;


Laser hair removal is cost-effective when compared to other methods of hair removal. As the results last for months, you will not have to get it done again and again. With traditional hair waxing. You need to get it done whenever the hair comes back, which is usually within weeks. Although the upfront cost of laser hair removal may be more, it will not be done as frequently as a traditional hair waxing treatment. Also, you will be able to save time that would have been used to shave or wax. The cost of buying razors will also be removed as you will not need any after a laser hair removal treatment.

No Ingrown Hair

With a laser hair removal treatment, you will not have to worry about ingrown hair that you normally would while waxing, shaving or epilating.

It Is Precise And Accurate

As the hair is targeted right down to the follicles, it is beneficial to other traditional hair removal methods. As it is precise, you will get results sooner than other methods. With shaving, waxing, and epilating, you may have a chance of missing certain areas where the razor or epilator might not reach. With laser hair removal none of the areas is left untreated, and results are 99 per cent precise and accurate.

It Is Fast

How many times has it happened that you sat down with a jar of wax and it took you hours to apply it on your skin and rip off the hair with a waxing pad? The same can be said about shaving, which usually involves shaving the hair and cleaning the razor with water and then repeating it all over again. With laser hair treatment, the hairs are removed quickly, and the result is almost instant. However, the speed of the treatment may vary and depend on how much hair you have on your body or whether you are targeting a certain area or your whole body.


Laser hair removal does work; however, it may vary from client to client. Usually, it takes more than one session to achieve permanent removal of hair. After the first session, the hair is going to grow back but at a slower rate. The hair that grows back also becomes lighter and thinner. Some people may require even more than a couple of sessions to achieve permanent hair loss. The hair that grows back becomes thinner and lighter with every passing session, and eventually, it stops growing back completely. Also, laser hair removal works more effectively on dark hair, as light hair does not tend to absorb the laser.


It Causes Cancer

There are myths that laser hair removal can cause cancer; however, there have been no proven cases. The laser is tweaked and set to target only the hair follicles and does not penetrate anything but the skin. There may be a chance of small radiation, but it is not large enough to cause any type of skin cancer, and there has been no evidence so far to support these types of claims.

It Causes Infertility

Another myth is regarding the laser causing infertility, but again, no evidence supports this claim. The laser is tailored to penetrate only the skin, not organs. Laser hair removal is considered safe, even when applied to sensitive areas like the groin or breasts.

Home Kits Versus A Dermatologists

Many home kits are available to the masses, which allows them to achieve great results at home. However, there are just marketing stunts as the results that one can achieve at the dermatologist are far superior when compared to such home kits. The dermatologist uses powerful machines which are specially made for this purpose, so the result you get at the dermatologist’s are far greater than at home.


Laser hair removal treatment is a relatively safe option when performed correctly. It will take more than a couple of sessions at the doctors to achieve great results; however, doctors usually do not guarantee permanent hair loss. Some people may experience minor side effects and symptoms, but if you experience an infection, you should seek some medical attention as soon as possible. At the end of the day, it is all about what your expectations are and with what mindset you decide to undergo the treatment. You should always be realistic about the results and ask the doctor his or her opinion of what results you might see after you have undergone the treatment. Today we have made you aware of whether laser hair removal treatment is safe or not, so it is a good idea that you take all things under consideration before you decide to get it done.