Working, studying and discovering new things is a very important part of our lives nowadays. It has become something so daily-like due to the number of hours we spend online that many people don’t even consider it a good or a bad thing. However, after you finish working and come home, there are times when you can’t really relax. Today we are going to discuss there as on of it and how it can be helped.

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It IS a realproblem

In an experiment held by scientists from Virginia Rech it was proved that the expectation of both workers who spend 25-30 hours per week working and administrators makes them feel much more stressed than while they are at work itself!

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Shocking results also showed that people who struggle from this can underestimate the influence of their wives, husbands, family etc and don’t give them as much attention as they need or even as much as the workers themselves want but can’t because of the tiredness and anxiety.


‘Anxiousness,’ says Dr. Lama Bazzi from the American Psychiatric Association Board of Directors, ‘can come in several different ways such as huge wish to eat greasy fat food, decreased high-quality of rest or bad concentration. It also can make both women and men less focused and effective in all aspects of their lives’.

Some of the staff workers in one company which was having a part in the research admitted to checking their work emails quite often. The problem is that the duration of the ‘rest’ between every time they did it was one hour to 5-10 minutes. Such ‘regular checking’ made the level of their stressfulness increase and worsen relationships between them and their partners. If you want to know more about the scientific research, we recommend you to read medicinemag’s article about it.


There are plenty of ways which can help you rest properly and don’t worry about your work when you are at home or on a vacation such as dancing to forget about your anxiety and become more energized, just turning your phone off and concentrating on your yoga classes, taking care of your family and friends or even doing mindfulness training.

Liuba Belkin, one of the study’s (about the problem we are talking about today) co-authour and a professor of management at Lehigh University says, ‘Mindfulness training has been shown to be an effective approach to reducing anxiety and work-related negative effect’. The list of such exercises includes activities like meditation, yoga etc. You can read even more about the study and the problem itself in consumeaffairs’ article.


To sum up, we cannot assure you our advises will work if you do them for one or two days because making both your physical and mental health recover can take from one week to half a year. Yet, you will still have to continue taking care of it to keep your result up. But even though the effectiveness of our advises depends on what person you are and what situation you are in, the practices that we recommend you can help you control your mindfulness and patience and perhaps improve your self-care condition.