It is said that ancient humans, that is, about a 1000 years ago had the strength equivalent to that of 100 elephants. They had the power to move mountains and now we do not even have power to move a solid rock slab of 10 kgs. Our powers and stature has decreased to a bare minimum. This change has come because we have moved away from the nature. We have started polluting nature and now its affecting our health. It is because of this pollution that we no longer have fresh air to breathe. The innovation of internal combustion engines has ruined our planet and is slowly killing our nature.


Air Purification

The irony of life is first we pollute our systems and then develop a machine to purify them which also pollutes the nature in some or the other way. The Rocky Mountain Air has manufactured an air purifier helps home air health and fresh. The machine can be installed in any particular room or the complete house. The purifier has a seven stage air filtration process which cleans the air of dust and smoke. It can cover an area of around 3500 sq. ft. in a single machine.


The Rocky Mountain air purifier come with a 5 year warranty along with a 60 days money back guarantee. The high quality appliance is multipurpose, that is, it can purify air from several things and not only from dirt and germs. The purifier cleans the air from smoke and carbon particles. The purifier comes with HEPA filter which keeps air filled with high quality oxygen which is free of germs, pollen, debris and pet hair. The Summit traps all types of contaminations in its seven filtration levels and throws out only fresh air to breathe.

Seven stage process

The Summit is equipped with a seven stage filtration process which removes all types of contaminations and makes it 99.99% pure and fresh.

  • The first process of pre-filter cleans the air of dirt and dust. It removes all visible contaminations like hair, dead mosquitoes, pollen, grass leaves etc.
  • The second step, that is, the HEPA filter which is similar to the one installed in hospitals. It cleans the air of micro-organisms like allergens, mold, bacteria etc.
  • The third filter is for carbon and related impurities which gets sucked and cleansed using Activated Carbon filters.
  • The ionic particle filter removes the negatively charged anion particles and purifies the air.
  • The fifth stage is to remove unwanted and unpleasant odors by making the air clean of chemicals through the use of ozone.
  • The sixth stage utilizes ultra violet rays and kills all the micro- organisms that might still be lingering in the air. The UV sterilization cleans the air of almost every known impurity.
  • The seventh and the final stage is the use of photo- catalytic filters wherein organic compounds are added to make the air healthy and nourishing.

The Summit is an air purifier which helps in maintaining home air healthy and refreshing. Install it to breathe pure air like the one you get on top of Rocky Mountains.