A lot of information has been expansively written, discussed, blogged and even patented as concerns acne where a bevy of solutions, treatment regimes and solutions on the same have been offered.

A Google search on Acne returns a massive 77 million hits. That’s just the much that acne has been around and discussed. However, acne goes way way deeper than the skin, the medication, the dermatologist recommendations. There is the state of mind that comes with an acne attack.


Now, acne attacks are predominantly major in youth right about the age of 13 to 19 years, just about the same time they are undergoing the mad adolescence years that are heralded by hormonal rages and immense physical changes both physically and emotionally. These changes bring about great confusion and a destabilized state of mind as the youth rarely understand what is going on within them and how to handle it.

When acne break out occurs, the situation becomes tragically compounded as it seemingly �marks’ out whoever is suffering from it, thereby leading to serious psychological problems.

Myths and Acne Effects.There are countless myths that are associated with Acne, from diet preferences, washing agents, water, make up kits and also exercise regiments all meant to explain the mysterious occurrence. However, it is important to dispel the myths and understand the psychological effects of Acne and how a patient can be assisted to get through it.

PrognosisDue to the fact that acne acutely disfigures the face once the breakout occurs, it means then that the sufferer feels guilty and ashamed of himself or herself leading to instant withdrawal socially and also acute loss of self esteem.

Most people will remain locked up to avoid contact with the rest of the society who look better and with smoother skins, whilst they look like like a leper who has escaped from an isolation ward. This locking up leads to lots of thoughts and even desperate attempts to try different treatment regiments in the bid to look normal to the rest of the society. These treatments which at times may be the wrong ones end up causing more trouble as they may contain harsh elements that may cause a negative reaction affecting the skin even farther.

Corrective Measures

It is important that parents. Guardians and care givers get enough informed and balanced opinions from qualified dermatologists who are well versed with acne. Once this is done, the patient should be reassured that this is not a unique problem that can actually be managed and treated to regain a glowing smooth skin.

In some extreme cases, depression may occur in the patients suffering from acne. This will be evident from loss of appetite, extreme behavioral changes, unexplained mood swings, crying, insomnia and feelings of lack of self worth. It has been noted that even suicide attempts are possible in case of extreme depression.

Once the patient has reached this level, it is important that immediate corrective action is taken to reverse the depression. This could be through counseling sessions to reassure the client, anti depressant treatments and also change therapy. The whole point should be to reassure the person that this too shall pass and life will indeed come back to normal. If you need more information visit here http://neveracne.com.