If you are an adult and are sexually active, you should get prepared for an STD test. You must know the general facts about these tests and visit your nearest clinic as frequently as you can depending on how active you are in your sex life. The most important thing to know here is that it is not necessary to go for an STD test only to discover that there is something wrong with you. The main purpose is to know that you are fine and that doctors can take preventive measures if something is wrong with you in advance.

The main reason for getting the test done is to know the presence of STDs. STD stands for sexually transmitted diseases. They are also referred to as STIs – sexually transmitted infections. These infections can be very serious in nature. If not treated on time they can lead to conditions as dangerous as HIV. Doctors will always advise you to go for the test even if you are feeling fine and healthy after sex. This is because most of the conditions that may arise after sexual relation with someone would not have any symptoms in the beginning of the infection.

Some people might believe that STDs will only transmit from one person to another when they have sexual intercourse. This is not true. While sexual intercourse is one of the ways for STDs to transfer from one person to another, oral sex is just as much contributive to this transmitting of diseases. One more thing that you need to know is that these diseases depend on sexual relationship – it does not matter what genders are involved in sex. It can transfer from men to men, women to women and from men to women. It can transmit in both directions.

It is not necessary to have serious existing conditions of STDs for them to transfer. Even if you are healthy but you have STDs in your body you will transfer them to your partner. Furthermore, it does not matter what role you have during sex, the infection will travel in both directions. If you test positive for STDs you should not worry about this matter much. Your doctor will take care of the matter for you. There are several cures available for most of the conditions that arise from sexual relations. You must also ensure to practice safe sex.

There are several conditions that come under the name of STDs. These different conditions have different effects on the body and varying symptoms. It is always highly recommended that you go for an STD check even if you see yourself as fully healthy and fit. Most conditions can be cured and prevented from worsening but for HIV there is no cure. Itching around genitals, pain while urinating, lumps in anus or around genitals, fatigue, lower abdominal pain etc. are some of the symptoms of STDs. However, these symptoms can vary depending on the type of STI you have in your body. Get yourself checked today and stay safe.