Congratulations! Whether you found out your exciting news through a faint line on a pregnancy test, or had your suspicions confirmed today at the doctor’s office, you’re now officially carrying another human life in your body. This is an amazing journey, albeit an occasionally daunting one, and you may be wondering how to start. If this is your first child, you may even be feeling a little overwhelmed and shocked. Don’t panic. Use this list to cover all of your bases to make sure these first days following the big news go perfectly.

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Find a wonderful doctor.

Growing a new life and delivering a baby isn’t, thankfully, a one-woman job. You’ll need a caring professional team around you from the start to make sure you and your baby are consistently well and happy, and to help you plan the birth you want. Set up an appointment with a specialist gynaecologist melbourne cbd to get your early scans and a general check-up, and remember that you can speak to them anytime you may have worries or questions along the way.

Avoid telling the whole world.

This can be a tough one…but many moms look back and wish that they had held onto their family secret a little longer before announcing their pregnancy. The sad truth is, early pregnancy is a delicate time, and the first trimester can leave you vulnerable to certain complications. That’s certainly not a reason to panic – but it does mean that many pregnant moms choose to wait until 12 weeks to start splashing the news all over social media. This is obviously a personal decision, but one that can be helpful should something go wrong.

Start taking pictures.

It’s so lovely to be able to look back at those nine months and see the amazing ways your body changes as your baby grows. Start snapping shots even in these early stages – your body may not look all that different now, but when you start comparing the photos week by week you’ll have a fun opportunity to watch the whole process unfold in real time.

Get some great vitamins.

It’s never too early to start taking prenatal vitamins, even if you’re currently trying to conceive and haven’t got the positive result yet. You’ll need plenty of essential vitamins to make sure both you and the baby are as healthy as possible, and a high-quality prenatal multivitamin will cover these needs. This is particularly important if you’re battling morning sickness and have difficulty getting nutrients in through food during this time – the vitamins will ensure that your baby still gets all the good stuff.

Grab some baby books.

It’s normal to become slightly obsessed with all things pregnancy and baby-related while you’re on this journey, so don’t be shy about stocking up on as many pregnancy, childbirth, and baby-related books as you like to educate yourself on what to expect in the months ahead.

Keep a journal.

While pregnancy may feel very slow, in retrospect you might look back and feel like that period of your life flew by. Keep a journal so you can remember all the weird and wonderful moments you experienced during this time – you’ll appreciate being able to look back on it as your little one grows up.