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It is obviously vital that you do what you can to keep your heart as healthy as possible and that often means taking a holistic approach so that a number of initiatives combine to achieve a good end result.

It is being established through a number of recent studies that fish oil offers potential benefits to your health and products such as fish oil tablets could help deliver those benefits.

If you are interested to know more about the potential benefits of fish oil and why omega 3 can help keep your heart in good shape here are some points to consider.

Fatty acids could help reduce the prospect of heart problems

Consuming omega 3 fish oil products could boost your chances of preventing a heart attack and may also help to stave off the onset of type 2 diabetes.

Clearly, taking these products in isolation won’t prevent a heart attack but it is well worth remembering that fish oil has a long history of proving an effective supplement to take in order to increase your level of protection against heart disease.

The secret behind its success is based around the fact that fish oil contains significant levels of omega 3 fatty acids and two of these fatty acids, in particular, DHA and EPA, are highly prevalent, which is good news because they are known to reduce inflammation and bring down triglyceride levels at the same time.

Why does this matter so much?

Regular consumption of fish and fish oil supplements or tablets can be good for your heart according to numerous studies, as already outlined, but the question is why are these omega 3 fatty acids so beneficial?

If you suffer inflammation in your body, it can be dangerous to your heart because it can cause damage to your blood vessels as a result of this added strain and this can make you more vulnerable to heart disease or a stroke.

Omega 3 fatty acids set to work in trying to keep your blood pressure lower and it can also help reduce the prospect of blood clotting and irregular heartbeats, all of which can be bad for your heart health.

A good source of omega 3

Regular consumption of fresh fish in your diet, especially oily fish such as salmon and mackerel, can provide a level of these beneficial fatty acids but there are good reasons to consider fish oil supplements too.

Fish oil contains a healthy dose of omega 3 and it also often features some vitamin A and D is some supplements and this means that it could be a good source of that all-important omega 3.

Elevated blood pressure can lead to heart problems and as well as helping to keep this aspect of your health in check it has also been noted that fish oil has the potential to help prevent the plaques that could cause your arteries to harden.

It all adds up to a convincing argument that taking fish oil supplements could boost your prospects of keeping your heart in good shape, which is something every one of us should be trying to do.