Do you often find itchy, red and swollen skin right after you woke up from bed?

You might have spent thousands of bucks consulting tons of dermatologists, but never thought of changing your age-old belongings!

Bed bugs usually live in your bed, carpet, furniture, and other belongings and most active during the night.  While an old rhyme, “sleep tight and do not let bed bugs bite” might sound cute, these creepy parasites have turned out to spark panic among human hosts. Most people found themselves fed upon in the night while apparently safe in beds. People thought that they could easily escape these pesky insects by the light of the day until they experience a severe allergic reaction in the morning.

If you often experience allergic reactions and suspect these in your home, look for signs in your bed and other areas where they hide the most:

  • Mattress
  • Bed Frames
  • Bedding And Pillows
  • Furniture And Carpeting
  • Curtains And Clothes

We need to be more aware and learn everything we can do to prevent bed bug infestation in our houses. Here are four secrets you never knew about them:

Bed Bugs Can Bite In the Daytime Too

It is a myth that bugs are always nocturnal. While it is true that they are most active during the night, it doesn’t mean that they will not bite you in the daylight.

They crave for blood whenever they are hungry, so you can get a bug bite during the day as well. Further, they are attracted to the warm-blooded creatures, the carbon dioxide you exhale, and other biological signatures.

They Can Live For About Five Months without Blood Meal

Bed bugs can survive for up to days or months; even the adult ones can live for about five months without a blood meal. This means there are chances that you have bed bugs in your mattress, bedding, and furniture right now, but you can’t see them. They can live in extreme temperatures, making them difficult to eliminate without an expert pest control service.

However, sometimes eradicating these tiny insects entirely from mattresses can be challenging; as a result, you can face more skin allergies and redness. It is thus better to consider buying a new mattress from Southern California mattress superstores and get healthier, bug-free sleep.

They Have Nothing to Do With Filthiness

People usually thought that they are found only in dirty places or overcrowded cities. However, bed bugs are found in all cities and towns of the world. In fact, they are found seemingly everywhere else and even in higher numbers, like nursing homes, schools and daycare centers, offices, college dorms, hospitals, and public transportation.

It doesn’t matter how particular you are about cleanliness and personal hygiene; you might still have them clinging to your luggage or clothes.

Further, any densely populated areas like high-end hotels, dorms, shopping malls, movie theaters, are all at the chances of being infested. Cleanliness won’t deter them.

Bed Bugs Are Elusive

They usually stay on beddings, but they know when to come out during the daylight and hide in the crevices and cracks in the walls, carpets, furniture joints, picture frames, and switchboards. Some usual signs of high infestation are black fecal spots found in the mattress linings or bedbug skins. Rarely, but sometimes you can also find the actual bed bug too.

From identifying your bites to stopping an infestation, the best way to get rid of bugs is to keep a check on your bedding and other upholstery and change them whenever you feel uncomfortable. Also, consult your doctor if you have severe bug bites and allergies!