There can be many reasons for sleeping problems. Perhaps you have a case of insomnia and are having trouble falling asleep, or maybe you find yourself waking up at night. Most of the time there is no serious issue involved, and the problem may clear up all by itself. However, the following are a few things you can try that may help you go to sleep.

Take a hot bath shortly before you go to bed
A hot bath can take away some of your energy. It will relax your body, and for many people, this is all that is needed. Even better than a hot bath is a sauna. 10 or 15 minutes in a sauna is relaxing enough to put anybody to sleep. The trick, of course, is to do this a few minutes before you are ready to retire for the evening. Whether a sauna or a hot bath, this technique is most effective for people with sleep problems that are directly related to muscle tension.

Stop drinking before bed
If you like to have a drink of two before bed and you are having problems sleeping, you should stop. People sometimes turn to alcohol to sleep, but this doesn’t help. Sure, it helps many people to fall asleep, but alcohol has a stimulant effect that kicks in a few hours after you fall asleep. This means that you are able to fall asleep, but are now suffering from interrupted sleep. This is of no help because interrupted sleep is bad sleep.

Over the counter medications
Many people think that over the counter sleep medications are simply not effective. If they were, you would need a prescription. This is simply not true. The two most common active ingredients found in non-prescription sleeping pills are diphenhydramine and doxylamine. Both of these chemicals are antihistamines. As with any medication, there are side effects when using them. One long-term issue can be memory loss. Antihistamines, even when your body tolerates them, can work too well. You may end up sleeping more than you want. Because of the side effects, this type of medication should only be used in the short term. Of course, you can become dependent on them for sleep, so they become permanent, and you have to be concerned about long-term issues related to your health.

Natural herbal supplements
There are many natural herbs that are believed to help with sleep, and because they are natural, there is less of a concern about health issues related to using them. One example is German chamomile tea. Although many people find herbal tea relaxing, it is this particular tea that provides the greatest relief from insomnia. An even better idea for using natural herbal supplements for insomnia is to try one of the products on the market that contains several herbs for sleep. These products are a formula for sleep, and they are all natural. RediNite, for example, contains five different herbs that help with sleep. In addition, there is clinical research that shows its effectiveness. A sister product, RediCalm, uses a different formula to calm anxiety, so you can sleep.

The things listed above will usually do the trick for most people, but if you still find yourself with sleep problems, then you need to see a doctor, at least to rule out anything serious. If there is no illness causing the sleep problem, there are medications that can be prescribed. However, you should first try the above methods for a good night’s sleep.