By now, most people have certainly heard a friend of theirs singing the praises of the best e-cigs they’ve tried. For former smokers, vaping is often the only way out from a long and hard addiction, so they do whatever they can to share their magical discovery with other people. For awhile there, vapers were kind of getting a bad rap because of all the negative press out there. Now, though, many people are starting to recognize the surprising health benefits of vaping, so it’s time to give a second and find the best e-cigs for you.

Healthier Than Cigarettes, Experts Say

The next time you think about reaching for a cigarette, think about investing in e-cigs. According to Public Health England, e-cigarettes are roughly 95% safer than traditional tobacco cigarettes.

At first, this concept was rejected by the FDA and several health experts in America, but as more and more people have switched to vaping, even Big Tobacco has begun to acknowledge the health benefits of vaping.

In a recent statement, the FDA even stated that it will support alternatives to cigarettes, including such devices as e-cig starter kits.

Cheaper Than Cigarettes, By Far

Smokers who switch to vaping find that they save a ridiculous amount of money over time, especially considering the amount that cigarettes are taxed in some states and big cities. Some estimates say cigarette smokers can save more than $2,500 a year if they start vaping!

The best e-cigs are not just effective…they’re also affordable! The biggest investment in vaping that you’ll make is when you buy your first kit. That’s why it’s crucial to pick the best e-cigs to guarantee that you’ll have a product that lasts and provides consistent and reliable satisfaction!

No Secondhand Smoke

Your friends, family, and pets will breathe a sigh of relief when you start vaping because, unlike cigarettes, the best e-cigs do not produce secondhand smoke. Without the harmful and stinky smoke that comes from cigarettes, you’ll also find that your clothes and furniture smell a lot better too. No stinky walls, no yellow fingers, and best of all, no secondhand smoke when you vape. That’s what the best e-cigs can do for you!