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Swimming laps is an excellent way to get your heart pumping and exercise your muscles. But, sometimes it can be boring to simply swim the same routine of laps every day. Discover four ways you can put some more fun in this wonderful exercise.

Challenge Yourself, Reward Yourself

If you usually swim just four laps during an exercise session, try swimming five laps. If you can make that goal, reward yourself by doing something you love such as going to the movies or buying an item at a favorite clothing shop. Oftentimes, a fun reward can be a great incentive to push yourself to do more than you think you can.

Vary Your Swimming Strokes

If you usually swim the breaststroke, change it up a little bit. For instance, you can do the butterfly during your first lap and the side stroke for your second lap. Do some backstroke drills to put more variety in your workout and exercise different muscles. In short, don’t fall into the habit of doing the same swimming strokes each day.

Swim with a Friend

Take a friend with you on your next swimming workout. If the friend loves swimming, that’s even better! Challenge one another to swim a certain number of laps in a specific amount of time. After your swimming workout, go out to lunch or go shopping to put even more fun into the outing. Friends can encourage one another and have a few laughs at the same time.

Swim at Different Times of the Day

If you find that you always swim in the mornings, try exercising at a different time of day. The water, the environment around the pool and even the other people swimming there will likely be different in the evening or late afternoon. Plus, the water may be cooler in the evening giving you a new experience as you swim your laps. Make the decision to go swimming in the morning two days a week and in the evening three days a week.

Finally, swimming is a refreshing exercise especially in the hot summer months. Don’t get into the habit of doing the same workout every time. Make changes to your workout on the spot so you don’t fall into a rut with your exercise schedule.