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E-Liquid is the type of e-juice that is filled in the electronic vaporizer or cigarette. When a person sucks through the pipe, the vaporizer heats up the liquid and consequently the vapors are inhaled by the person. The person from the vaping background constantly looks for some unique and new flavored e-juice. There are many types of flavors available in the market today and has different nicotine content, PG and VG content and so on. While choosing the right e-juice for your electronic cigarette, it is quite easy to enhance the vaping experience.

Now, the first question that arises in the mind of the readers is what actually the e-liquid is composed of. E-liquid is the mixture of vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol and added flavors. The ratio of the vegetable glycerin and the propylene glycol highly affects the properties of the e-juice. The PC content in the juice usually stimulates the smoking feel. This is because nicotine directly hits the throat giving the smoking pleasure.

Certain points to know while choosing the right e-liquid

Though you prefer customizable e-liquid, it is essential to know that the liquid which you are choosing is right for your health or not. The liquid which you are choosing greatly depicts your smoking behavior and also your habit. The number of times for which you use this vaporizer is the concerning factor due to the nicotine content in the liquid. However, if you do not know follow few essential tips so that right e-liquid is chosen by you.

Consideration of PG and VG ratio

In the above context, PG is the propylene glycol and VG is vegetable glycerin. The ratio of these two factors might seem confusion for many people. However, the ratio of 50/50 is the most demandable by many people. The liquids of PG and VG are colorless and an odorless liquid. Almost all liquid is composed of PG and VG at different ratios. However, the details of PG are below:

  • Propylene glycol or PG is the byproduct of petroleum which is similar to the contents used is cosmetics, medicines, lotions and so on.
  • Though being the part of petroleum by product, it does not mean that PG is quite toxic. One can safely consume it oral.
  • Being thinner substance, it does not readily sticks to the vaping device.
  • Many people might have intense feeling because the content of PG is quite high. It directly hits the throat giving strong sensation.
  • Many people might be sensitive to the PG content and can cause mouth dryness, allergies and even breathing problems.

All about VG content

  • Vegetable glycerin is obtained from the content of vegetable oil that is used in several daily products like food, soaps, toothpastes and many more.
  • Being extracted from the natural source, it is quite healthy and hardly causes any side effects. Moreover, it is quite thick and sticks to the container.
  • These have sweet taste and hardly cause any kind of irritation in throat.

Nicotine content should be analyzed

Different brands of e-liquid are comprised of different nicotine strengths. The nicotine level varies with the brand and flavoring agent added by them. Every bottle has listed nicotine strength on it. You know your preference and considerably go through the nicotine strength of the liquid. There is even nicotine free liquid which is quite good for health.

Analyze your tolerance level and then only choose the suitable nicotine strength. If you want to quit smoking, choose the liquid with high nicotine level. Gradually, decrease the level so that you can completely get out of it. Make sure you do not take under dose or overdose of the nicotine level else might cause several problems.

Flavor of the e-liquid is an essential factor

It is equally important that you choose the right flavor of the e-liquid. For the ex-smokers there are options of tobacco flavored e-juice which helps them to get rid of smoking bit by bit. Many users also like to try various flavors including vegetables, some fruits or food blends. The flavors based on herbs are also available. Experiment out different flavors but be sure of the PG and VG ratio and the nicotine content in the particular type. E-liquid is available either on single flavor or blended flavors. Judge the taste and flavor before you rely on any type.

The brand which you are choosing to buy e-liquid should provide all specification of the liquid. With the slickvapes, you will find right vaporizer and the consumption of particular type is not deteriorating your health factor. Work on finishing the addiction of smoking and choose an alternative of e-liquid. However, go through the above factors and know your requirements as well. Choosing right e-juice is very essential for having flavored taste and pleasure.